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Attempt Number Three

~ a story ~

I’ve tried to write this letter, twice. This is attempt number three.

Attempt number one was mean, angry. Lots of curse words. I called you an ass multiple times. An asshole I think only once.  The word fuck was also used a lot. 

I tried to get you to understand how your actions made me feel, but probably not in a way that you would listen.
My handwriting, though neat and pretty as is my style, was full of large letters and big spaces; passionate.

My first attempt was venting.

My second try was more calculating. That evening I was listening to music on my way home, heard a song lyric that fit, and worked from that angle. It talked about actions over words. That seemed rather fitting.

I broke down your actions, listing all our interactions that I could remember. I listed the good with the bad, and where I saw the switch happen.

And then I started using feeling words, but only for a short paragraph. The word hurt came up a lot.

Next I listed questions, questions I feel I shouldn’t have to ask. 

Do you care about me? 

What am I to you? 

They were questions I should already know the answers to, and yet I don’t.

Still in my planning mode, I gave another list, this one with tips for you. Communication was a theme.

Yet still, that letter wasn’t right. I don’t want hot headed anger, nor do I want cold calculating logic. 

And even now, I don’t know how to express to you how your actions have made me feel.

Even as I write these words, as my pen sails across the page, I don’t know if I’ll mail this piece of paper either.

How can you express how someone has hurt you just in simple words?  Even big words can’t convey the pain I felt, the pain I feel whenever I think of you.

And there is this lingering pinch in my side, wondering if you have any clue how much you hurt me. 

And how much all I want is for you to be better. Not perfect, but better.

I guess attempt number four will be tomorrow night.

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