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Monday Morning

“I don’t have that effect on people.”
“Now I have to call bullshit.”

We sat in the Dining Hall. It was Monday morning, the final moments of camp upon us.

I was tired, having spent another late night out. I’d already finished eating my meal and was relishing the last few minutes I had before I was relegated to breakdown crew.

We chatted about nothing important at first. Movie reviews, mostly, of upcoming films. It was talk for the sake of hearing each other speak. I loved the sound of their voice.

And then we slipped into an actual meaningful conversation.

I finally had a retort for them. They had previously suggested that my going to so many events and having a grueling work schedule would keep me from having the life I wanted to live.

“I think that’s bullshit. What if I meet my Daddy at an event?”
“What if you’ve already met your Daddy? What if they met you, but they saw your life and said, ‘She’s too busy to start a relationship’?”
“That wouldn’t happen.”
“Cause I don’t have that effect on people.”
“Now I have to call bullshit.”

They used the perfect argument, an interaction I’d had just minutes before.

“If I told you, months ago, when you first met X, that you would end up playing with them, being at their side for most of a night, you wouldn’t have believed me.

“They came into this Dining Hall, sought out you, only you, and made it a point to hug you, thank you for that night, and say bye to you.

“Do you really think you don’t have an effect on people?”

Okay, I had to admit my excuse was bullshit.

But their argument opened up a whole bucket of worms. Yes, I want a certain life, but how much of me has to change to get it? I didn’t want to think about that quandary.

I wanted, truthfully, to hug them and fuck them in their chair til I came, screaming out their name.  But there are no scenes in the Dining Hall.

Again, I was left with no other response.

But my time was also up. I had to go to work. We hugged bye, knowing we’d see each other in a few months.

My Fusion was full of amazing moments, from heartfelt to hard cocks, hard points and punches. Friends, chosen family, crushes and curses. A storm, so many scenes, and everything in between.

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