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My September

Yes, I know it’s insane. Let’s get that out of the way now.

Yes, I indeed know what I have signed up for is just shy of nuts. And yet…

Right now, I am in the lull. It is the calm before the kinky storm. I’ve had days of nothing, of sitting around my house, relaxing on the wall of couches, watching lots of NetFlix (read: not spending money).

Right now, I’m optimistic. And terrified. Right now I’m planning, sort of. Right now I’m not in the game. All that stuff, the logistics, the stress. All that stuff can wait another week.

Okay, not really. I think this is the last day I can put if off. In fact I know it is. Wednesday will be when it starts.

To be completely honest, I know it’s already started. I bought the tickets for all the events. I bought my plane tickets. I made sure to not schedule work, sort of. (I’ll get to that later.) So it’s kind of started.

But Wednesday is it. Wednesday is when I start thinking about clothes, and food, and bills, and scheduling sleep, and figuring out when I’m going to write.

I am attending four kink events in the month of September.

I’m gonna let that sink in for a few sentences. Four events. In one month. Yes, I am not kidding. All paid for. All planned for, somewhat. It is happening.

I know it’s a lot to handle. I know I may get overloaded. I, however, think I’ll be fine, but I also have the beautiful naivete of youth. (Snicker as you will.)

Also I have an ace in the hole: for the first time ever, I will actually leave two out of four of the events to go to work.

When I crewed Fusion, my friends Amethyst and ManKraken! gave very sound advice. The things that kept me mostly sane were my visits off campus. Pulling myself out of the camp mind frame helped me not emotionally breakdown once the experience was over.

Now, with basically an entire month of kink on the horizon, I’ve scheduled work days in the mix. I will be forced to reset my brain, forced to pull myself from the immersion. And, most importantly, I won’t go broke doing this.

At the end of my four event month, I will achieve my goal of ten events in one year… with two more planned before 2013 begins. Go big or go home, I guess.

The thing is, though, I’m enjoying all this fun. In moments like this, when I’m just starting to worry about the incidental parts of this journey, I’m still smiling, because I realize, really, my life doesn’t suck.

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