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My Toy


He wore just a plain white jock strap and his mid calf boots. He knelt before me, head bent in supplication.

I stood, looking down on this toy for me to play with.

I could tell he was staring at my leather, a pair of boots ladder laced up the front in red, their end just below my knee. The legs of my black cargo pants were stuffed down the leather. My black t-shirt stuck to my skin, the sweat of the day’s heat exploding on my back.

I stripped off my shirt, but still wore a white tank top underneath. My breasts were bound against my chest. I was in a very un-girly mood that day.

I unbuckled my belt, letting its opening dangle at my front. I hadn’t decided yet just how I was going to play with my toy.

I saw him twitch when he heard me undo my belt, and again when he heard the sound of my zipper’s opening.

“Take it out.”

He tilted up his head, his stare now fixed on my crotch. His hands pushed aside the slit in my boxers and pulled out my black cock, which I’d packed just for him. 

I knew he liked the black one more than any other of my rainbow assortment I had at home. The length and circumference were perfect for his mouth.

He licked his lips when he saw it.

“You have a mouth; why aren’t you using it?”

My hand on the back of his head, I shoved my cock down his throat. He gagged for a moment, then began hungrily bobbing his head up and down my shaft. He was such a piggy when it came to sucking my cock.

Each of his downward strokes hit me just right, increasing my arousal. I didn’t care that by the end of this, my boxers would be soaking wet.

“Gotta get it all nice and lathered up, my little cock slut. It’s going in your ass tonight.”

His eyes lids flared opened, a mixture of fear and excitement beaming up at me.

“Is it wet enough my little cock slut? Do you want it in your ass now?”

He vigorously nodding his head yes.

“No, I don’t think so. I only heard you gag that one time. I don’t think you really want it.”

His sucking grew even more desperate. I could feel my cock hit the back of his throat. He gagged with each of his strokes now.

“My little whore, wanting it so bad in the ass. I think you’ve earned it.”

I pulled his face off my cock and looked him dead in the eye.

“Hands and knees. Face down, ass up.”

He quickly turned around and presented himself. I knelt behind him.

I brushed my cock against his asshole, teasing him at first. I heard his desperate whine.

With one good push, I slid in the head. He let out a sigh. I then thrust my hips hard, deep into his ass. He yelped and pushed back, his ass hungry for my cock.

I stroked his head, bent down, and whispered into his ear, “Such a good little cock slut.” I could hear the smile form on his face.

I fucked him hard, pounding my cock into his ass. I grabbed his jock and ass for leverage and rode him harder still. I bent down and bit his ass, a hunk of meat for my tasting. He pushed back with all my strokes, wanting as much of my cock as would fit in him.

As I felt my arousal surging, I increased my strokes. Even with my quickened pace, he kept up.

“What do you say when someone fucks you right little cock slut? What do you say when someone rides your ass hard, pounding their cock into you?”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you.”

He screamed as he came, obscenities falling from his lips.

When I came, I dug my nails into his ass, sunk my teeth in once again, and slumped on top of my toy. 

My little whore had done well.

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