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“The goal of the captive is to escape. The goal of the captive is to escape. The goal… of the captive… is to escape.”

Oh, I realized. I was suppose to try to escape.

I looked on as Gray’s minions (volunteers from the class) began to stand. I back pedaled, rushed to the right, saw a side door, and took it. The day had grown cool, my skin almost prickly in the air, but I only noted it as I ran as fast as I could.

In my periphery, I saw someone coming from the right. I swung left, but the chain link fence surrounding the tennis court was in my way. Before I could traverse its length and rush towards the asphalt path, I was down in the grass. Soon two guys were on top of me. Gray, along with the rest of the class, slowly walked over. He congratulated me for getting farther than any other before.

Grabbing my ear, he demonstrated a technique to control a prisoner. First he gripped my right ear, then switched to my left. I quickly assessed my surroundings and realized I had a shot to get away again, so long as I didn’t mind the pain. His hold on my ear was strong, but I knew I could get out of it if I tried.

With a burst of energy, I rushed away, essentially ripping my ear from his hand (and loosing an earring in the process). Again I ran, but not very far before one of his minions took me down.

Gray once again sauntered over, never in a rush. This time, when he knelt down, he riped up grass and dirt from the ground and held it over my lips. I refused to open my mouth. He held his hand over my nose. When I finally needed air, I thrashed my head back and forth. Gray then pulled up yet more grass and mashed it into my hair. He finished with a warning: if I tried to get away again, he would put something in another orifice.

Instead of pulling me up by my ear, he let me stand on my own. I stood for a very long time before I moved. I thought maybe I could get into a favorable position to run again, taking my time with my steps. Instead his minions read my actions and positioned themselves in my way.

Gray encouraged me to quicken my steps, and I was the first one to enter the Dungeon.

I immediately broke for the side door again. Bracing my arms, I swung through the opening in the hand rail and sped along the grass on the side of the building. Out of nowhere, a minion tackled me. He held me down as the rest of the class again surrounded me.

Gray loomed over me, holding two pine cones. He ordered a minion to go get a condom.

Sitting on me, he said I had two choices: my pussy or my mouth. Again I took a long time to weigh the options before finally opening my mouth. When it came close to my lips, I bit the condom and tried to wrench the pine cone from his hand with my teeth.

Gray swiveled, trying to open my legs, trying to force the condom wrapped pine cone inside me. I struggled. I screamed, guttural and full of rage. I would not let him succeed.

Before I knew what was happening, I was standing, stumbling forward, pulled along by Gray back into the Dungeon by my hair.

A minion now guarded the side door. I was flung onto the mat, held down by Gray’s knee on my head. Even though I knew it was almost impossible, I still tried to calculate a way to run, but there was no way to wrench my head free from his knee. For a good portion of the ordeal, I had a splitting headache.

Soon his rope was on me, unforgiving ties on one wrist and both ankles. With my free hand I tried to untie, tried to get away, but he held the power now. When he threw the rope over the arch and pulled my body up, I screamed, not like my combative yells of before. I was in pain, real not-fun pain.

“What hurts?”
“My left ankle.”

He let me down. I cried a little. I no longer thought about escape.

Gray, at this point, told the class how, as in all scenes, both tops and bottoms have the option to safeword. He was not going to let me hurt myself in a way that would lasting or jeopardize my job.

For all intents and purposes, I was broken.

PS. Afterwards there was giggling (on my part) as I untied the ropes and Gray went on with his class, talking about and demonstrating hog ties, strappato, hojojutsu, and other mean mean ropey things. The experience was awesome.

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