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Go See Loopers

Go see Loopers.


Gray wanted to see a movie to help with his event drop, his normal salve to ease the pain. When spit balling on what movie to see while I drove us away from camp, he suggested Loopers. I had vaguely heard of it, but was mostly ambivalent about the flick.

And then he looked up the movie’s rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 93%.

“Okay, let’s go see Loopers.”



When the film ended, I sat there in the theatre not speaking for a few minutes. I only pulled out my phone because I wanted to Shazam the song playing during the closing credits. I had no desire to really do anything but sit and process.

Gray left me, saying he’d meet me in the lobby. When I did eventually join him, I still couldn’t speak. It wasn’t until I was in my car driving, leaving the parking garage about five minutes later when I could finally start verbalizing the storm in my head.

That movie cracked my brain in the best possible way. It was the type of movie that made me want to write more, made me want to be better at my craft. Holy shit, it was just that good.

I know as I write this I may being doing you, my readers, a disservice. I went into watching this movie not expecting much. In fact for me it was even more of an escape than usual as I was on an emotional roller coaster, having just left Rope Camp.

Still, I loved this movie.

Without giving too much away, let me make a few points.

1- The script for this was amazing. Amazing. I say this as a writer, as a story teller. The tale they crafted was spun so well, I was in awe. My loyalties changed at least half a dozen times throughout the movie, if not more. I loved someone, hated them, and then loved them again multiple times. I was always trying to guess the ending, hoping for some resolution that would save the people I loved. I never got it right, not even in the end.

2- This movie made me cry. Not sobbing, but a hurt-my-heart cry for the characters I was so invested in, for the life I wanted to imagine them having long after the lights came up. I shed no physical tears, but instead my heart wept at the end for their plight.

3- One sequence will never leave me. It was scary and twisted and dark without ever showing any blood. It lasted less than two minutes. It still haunts me, still needles at the back of my brain, still makes me think “What if…?”.

So, in this person’s humble opinion, Loopers was the best movie I’ve seen all year. And yes, I loved The Avengers. And no, Twilight can go fuck itself. (Haven’t read any of the books or seen any of the movies.)

I don’t know if Loopers will get any nominations, don’t know if it’ll win any awards. But, in my humble opinion, Loopers is the shit.

Hands down.

Mic dropped.

Go see it.

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