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Knuckle Sandwich

Hmm, a punching class at the London Grue. Was I going to attend…?

Knuckle Sandwich was presented by Gryphon, with his demo bottom Hedwig.

Gryphon started his class session with some precautionary info: avoiding the neck and face (on a first date), targeting large muscle groups, and the proper way to throw a punch (curves, not corners). He brought along some accessories for his presentation, including boxing gloves and wrist wraps.

With the talking portion over, he encouraged everyone to get up and have a go. I gravitated towards the wrist wraps.

After a demonstration of how to apply the fabric, CherryBondage volunteered to be my punching bag. I liked the look and feel of the wrist wraps, especially since I have a physical job; fucking up my wrists could leave me unable to perform my work.

With a little time on our hands, I learned the proper way to execute the three inch punch. [Tip: Use your body weight, not your arm strength.]

“You hit hard.”
“When I have a person to hit, yes… yes I do.”

As pairs continued to pummel each other, I looked over and saw Gryphon was finishing up with one of his students. I thought this would be the perfect time for me to ask for what I wanted. (See; I’m learning.)

Gryphon happily fulfilled my request.

He struck my back, my ass. He jabbed, he hooked. My front, my side. I stumbled, I stood. Happily, I did not slam my face onto the stage when I dropped to the ground.

Deep pain resonated throughout my body with each of his strikes. I cried out. I came back. I loved every moment of it.

He struck my ass in a way I had not felt before, hitting down at the top of the shelf, the pain reverberating like a sine wave throughout my rump.

He targeted under my arms, connecting with my ribs. I hadn’t felt that type of strike in quite some time, the bite of the hit chewing on my lungs. It was horribly fun. For his efforts, I currently carry a memento of our interaction: a lovely big red bruise.

[For those who wish to dive into my Twitter feed or browse my Fet page, you can see a picture of my bruise, which also happens to include a rather nice view of my ass.]

When Gryphon finished, we hugged. I thanked him and he thanked me.

“You are fun to punch.”
“You are fun to play with.”

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