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Locked In

We could’ve kept going pretty easily. I’d just completed Gray’s boots and still had his chaps and vest to work on. But it was getting late and Gray didn’t want to keep others up just so we could have fun.

The two people who had watched our scene were also ready to go. As Gray and I cleaned up, our observers thanked us for letting them watch and walked out.

I put my things back into my kit as Gray began taking off his leathers.

And then the duo returned.

The door from the Dungeon to the main floor was locked. They checked the other entry door. Locked as well. We were locked in.

I laughed a little, the idea that we actually shut down the Dungoen. But just as soon as the funny thought came, the problem sunk in.

Could we get out? Weren’t personal items left uptairs? Did they really forget about us?

I started having a vision of us all camped out in the Dungeon. There was a bed and a couch. Theoretically we could’ve slept there fine. There was also a bathroom downstairs, so using the restroom would not have been an issue. And people would be back in the morning, but not until late. Probably ten or eleven.

It turned out, though, that the answer to all my questions above was yes. Gray’s things were upstairs, not the best situation in the world but there was nothing we could immediately do about it.

Since it was left behind, Gray borrowed Hedwig’s sweatshirt.

It seemed we were indeed locked out of the bar, but thankfully there was an emergency exit door.

My few things were with me. Gray was fairly shielded from the elements with the sweatshirt, and thankfully his pants were downstairs with us.

Ready to go, knowing we could not get back in til the morning, we left. Our duo, thankfully, offered us a ride back to Hedwig’s.

We crashed, having had a good time, mildly annoyed by the inconvience, but knowing we still had things to do in the morning.

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