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Dominant Ash —

I was exhausted. My flight from DC to London had left at 10pm DC time, and arrived at 10am London time. Because of turbulence, I’d only slept for about three hours while on the plane. But I was in England. And CherryBondage was there waiting for me. We hugged for so long. It felt amazing […]

Reading —

From this sign, you have about a forty-five minute wait. This was my first time dealing with customs, my first time at the back of the never ending line that snaked for what seemed like an eternity. As I glanced at those in front of me, with varying colored passports at the ready, slowly making […]

Lessons From London —

1- Pack Light Lighter than what you think light is. And then even lighter than that. I landed in London and met CherryBondage at Heathrow airport. After a quick primer on the London Underground, as well as a handy little map that fit in my pocket (which I lost), we then proceeded to the Waterloo […]

A Few Thoughts —

– At Rope Camp, my NYR Cabin name was changed. I asked for the switch; Cabin Bitch didn’t feel right to me anymore. I am now Cabin Scribe. It seemed fitting to me, what with my recounting of our harrowing events of last year (and this one as well). Murphy worried that the name change […]

Story Of O —

I’ve spent most of my free time thus far during my London trip reading an iconic BDSM novel, Story Of O by Pauline Reage. I’d heard of the book before I purchased it on a whim at Rope Camp. Having learned that it was the basis for two sites on kink.com (The Training Of O […]

There There —

~ a moment of terror ~“There, there. It’ll be over soon.”My father would always say that when I was going through something horrible, something painful. Like when I broke my arm falling from the tree in our back yard. Or when every centimeter of my skin itched from the chicken pox but I couldn’t scratch […]

The Question —

“You work for X?”“Yes.”“How are they with women?” I was taken aback by the older woman’s question. We had had no previous conversation, no words spoken at all between us. I was not in charge of the crew that day. Quite the opposite actually, having spent the past two hours working on my hands and […]

Ache —

As I walked down a less than crowded DC street, I felt sad. As I strolled, with plenty of time to reach my destination, I pondered my feelings, the subtle ache in my heart. I wondered, Why am I feeling this way?As per Doc’s request, I have been more tuned into my emotions in the […]

A Girl —

~ a story ~“He’s needs a girl.” We looked on at Kevin, smiling and chatting with the pretty sales girl. She was cute, likable. When we’d wondered into the little boutique, she’d tried to help Quinn pick just the right necklace, but Quinn’s style was specific. Nothing seemed right. The sales girl tried different styles, […]

Random Observations —

Some random observations that came to mind while at work this evening: 1- Baby, It’s Cold Outside is really rape-y. Like really rape-y. Not all of it, mind you, but parts of it are really REALLY rape-y. “Baby don’t hold out”“Say what’s in this drink?”“What’s the sense of hurting my pride?”“I simply must go/The answer […]