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Psycho Drama pt 2 —

As we (the slaves) were slowly pulled into the Barn, the cat calls immediately started. Our would-be buyers inspected their merchandise, lifting skirts, groping breasts, moving us this way and that. Some of the slaves fought back, trying to lash out at the wealthy men. I cowered, cried, spouted the holy trinity in Spanish. (Later […]

Psycho Drama pt 1 —

They named it The Faces Of Human Trafficking. Yup, me and my friends went there. In soliciting for volunteers to participate, there were a few roles to fill: wealthy buyer of trafficked humans, trafficked person/slave/chattel, rival gang member, and child soldier (which would be played by littles). Did I mention I love my friends? I […]


With busy season for my job in full swing, I have once again experienced a bout of seasonal financial panic. I’ve shut down most of my spending, packing food for work, trying to figure out the cheapest way to park my vehicle, etc. But there is one thing I can not and will not skimp […]

Busy Day —

With the sacrifice of my Saturday a given, an unintended consequence arose. All of sudden I only had one day left at camp. One day to go to class. One day to play. One day to make everything happen. When I woke up Sunday morning, I already had a tight schedule. One class, four play […]

Lost Day —

It seemed like a great idea at the time. Since I was on setup crew for Summer Camp, eight days of my life to be spent at my kinky home, I figured sacrificing one day would not be so bad. Well, it wasn’t… at first. My call time for work wasn’t super early. I got […]

Mild Morning Freak Out —

I woke up, opening my eyes, and at once searching for Tessie. It’s what I do almost every time I wake up. Sometimes, with my occasional tossing and turning, he ends up on the floor. But then, a millisecond later, when I saw him sitting next to my knee, looking right at me, I felt […]

Go See Loopers —

Go see Loopers. GO. SEE. LOOPERS. Gray wanted to see a movie to help with his event drop, his normal salve to ease the pain. When spit balling on what movie to see while I drove us away from camp, he suggested Loopers. I had vaguely heard of it, but was mostly ambivalent about the […]

Eight Days —

It was the longest time in a row that we’d spent together. Every night we slept in the same bed (though not always just the two of us). We ate (almost) every meal together. It was eight straight days of being around each other, eight straight days of time together. When he left, when I […]

A Good Time —

It was Friday night at Rope Camp. Cigars, Boots, and Chocolate was winding down; fewer than a dozen people remained in the Pavilion, though we all stood around smiling and chatting, still enjoying each others company. The social had gone well. Even though I arrived late. Even though I had to run back to the […]

See Me —

~ a story ~ I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t cry. I couldn’t speed, my car now ceased from zipping in between other vehicles on our way to the restaurant. You started yelling at me, said my driving fried your nerves and was the act of a petulent child. With those words any of my inclinations […]