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Random Observations

Some random observations that came to mind while at work this evening:

1- Baby, It’s Cold Outside is really rape-y.

Like really rape-y. Not all of it, mind you, but parts of it are really REALLY rape-y.

“Baby don’t hold out”
“Say what’s in this drink?”
“What’s the sense of hurting my pride?”
“I simply must go/The answer is no”

I’ve owned the Glee rendition of this song for quite some time now, I think almost a year actually, and yet it wasn’t until I listened to it tonight when I realized just how rape-y it is.

My best guess as to why it took me (a person who prides herself on actually listening to the lyrics of songs) so long to come to this realization is the structure of the song. With two overlapping vocals, I often found myself listening (and singing along) to the “female” portions. (Female, for those who do not know, is in quotation marks because the person who performs that part for the Glee rendition is actually a gay man who happens to be a natural soprano.)

For some random reason, I listened to the “Male” portions more acutely tonight and I found myself smiling at how rape-y the lyrics are.

With a sly grin, I wondered if any kinky folk out there had already beat me to the punch. There must have been, or there must be, a scene with this song as inspiration. Hmm, or maybe I’ll write something.

Ooo… new blog post coming soon.

2- Why do we not have unisex bathrooms?

When I left the vendor room to use the restroom, walking in front of me was a gentleman and a little lady.

You know the type: the flower girl with the huge poofy dress with a large bow in the back, twirling, giggling, getting lost in the fabric, the type that makes me smile and melts my heart and reaffirms my want of a podling some day, hopefully.

Well the gentleman led the little lady down the hall to the restrooms and opened the door for the men’s room. The little lady then turned around and pointed at the ladies’ room door behind her, saying, “I go in there.”

The gentleman (I’m assuming her Dad) replied, “Only if your mother is in there.”

I slipped by the two of them during this exchange.

As I chose a stall, I could hear the pitter patter of the little lady as she checked every stall. No one else was in the restroom except me. The gentleman yelled, asking the little lady if her mother was in there. And, since she wasn’t, he beckoned her back out.

Here’s my question: Why didn’t he just stand there and wait while the little lady used the facilities? Did he really think someone (meaning me) would be offended? Was it that big of a deal for a man to be in the ladies’ room?

I’m sure I could go off on a tangent about our shame based culture, about Puritanical beliefs and practices, societal norms, and blah blah blah…

It’s just… Since attending a number of kinky camps, and sharing bathrooms with all genders at the same time, I realized at that moment, witnessing this exchange between a man and his daughter, just how much I didn’t care if the man was in the restroom, and just how much he did care.

Our society (okay, tiny rant) has all these rules but for what? That little girl needed to use the restroom; would it really have rocked the world if the gentleman watching her waited patiently for her inside the restroom?

Maybe it’s because I don’t live a Puritanical life. Maybe it’s because I don’t give a shit about a lot of random little societal things.

It’s just… dude, it’s okay if you’re in the ladies room. The world will not end. And I really didn’t care.

Oh and by-the-way: he took her into the men’s room.

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