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Fifteen Minutes

~ erotica ~

The bar was busy, but that was normal. It was a Friday night. Everyone else, just like Alec, wanted to unwind. And Alec needed to unwind.

His week had been terrible. Dealing with his pushy micro-managing boss. Trying to sneak in a job search without anyone in the office noticing. Having to complete his research summary in less time than was originally budgeted, along with keeping up with his normal duties, expectations of him that were near impossible. Alec needed to unwind.

He went straight up to the counter, ordered a shot of tequila with a beer back, downed the liquor in a fast gulp, and then rushed the beer bottle immediately to his lips.

Okay, he thought. Breathing.

He looked up at the clock over the bar: 7:05pm. And he’d stayed late at the office to boot. God he fucking hated his job.

He asked Julie, his favorite bartender, for another shot when she had a free second. She smiled at him, gave him a knowing nod, and then turned to attend to the rest of the line of needy customers.

Just that moment, someone sat down on the stool next to where Alec stood. Alec turned and saw the man: short dirty blond hair, crystal blue eyes, muscular arms, and a jaw that could cut glass. The man raised his hand, trying to get Julie’s attention, but she was beyond busy.

Alec saw Vander, the other Friday night bartender, at the opposing end of the counter. Alec waved Vander over. The bartender took the man’s order, poured a Scotch and soda, and thanked the man kindly for his generous tip.

“Thanks,” said the man to Alec. He sipped his drink slowly, letting the taste rolled around on his tongue.

“Come here often,” asked Alec, who asked more out of curiosity than mere small talk. He’d been frequenting the bar for three years now, the same amount of time he’d been at his office, the same amount of time he’d wished he’d picked another profession.

“No, not often. Visiting.” Alec now heard the accent, the tone of which tickled his loins. The man was attractive. Very attractive. And Alec was tense. He could use some release.

But for a moment, Alec worried that the man had wandered into his favorite gay bar accidentally.

“Liking your time in the states?” Alec hated the folksy quality of his voice, the twang that sometimes popped up when he was tired. Or nervous. Or turned on.

The man grinned and took a long sip of his drink.

“Not so much. Haven’t fucked in ages.”

Alec nearly choked on what was left of his beer. He no longer doubted the man’s intentions were not the same as his own. Alec finished his beer just as Julie sat down his second shot. He looked above her at the clock on the wall: 7:20pm.

“Your accent, German?” asked Alec.



Alec slammed his shot and upturned the empty glass on the bar. Grabbing the man by the collar of his shirt, he shoved his tongue down the beautiful man’s throat.

“Come with me,” Alec whispered into the man’s ear. “I want you to enjoy your time in the states. And I want to enjoy that sexy mouth of yours.”

Alec dragged the man by his collar up the stairs and into a private room.

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