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Flight Delay

~ erotica~

– I didn’t wake you, did I?

* No, I was already up. Couldn’t go back to sleep. Too excited for your arrival.

– About that. My flight’s delayed. I won’t be in til noon.

* How long til you board?

– About an hour. Everyone’s pretty stressed, red eye and all, but at least it’s not canceled.

* Do you need some help relaxing?

– What did you have in mind?

* Can you go to the bathroom?

– No, I have to charge my phone. I’m huddled on the ground next to the outlet. My back is to a vending machine and a pay phone is above me.

* Your own little nook.

– Just for me.

* Turn towards the wall and put your coat over you like a blanket.

– Okay. Got it. All nice and toasty.

* Is it in your pocket like it’s always suppose to be?

– Yes.

* Unbotton your jeans and slip it into your underware, right onto your clit, setting on low.

– Do you think anyone’s watching me?

* I’m watching you, all the way over here in my bed waiting for you. Is it there?

– Just a second. Yes, it’s there.

* How does it feel?

– Teasing, like low always feels.

* Does that mean you can’t cum for me?

– Don’t say that. Please.

* But I thought you liked cuming for me.

– You know I do.

* And how much do you want to right now?

– So much.

* You know you can’t be loud. Wouldn’t want anyone else on your flight knowing how much of a slut you are, can’t even wait til you land and are in my arms. Can’t even wait til you’re on the plane even. Don’t even have the decency to go to the bathroom to do it. Are you my little slut?

– Yes.

* What are you doing right now?

– Holding my legs together, squeezing them tight, moving it around on my clit.

* How good does it feel?

– So good. It’s as if your right here. As if your fingers are touching me, playing with my clit.

* My fingers are massaging your clit. You like it, don’t you? Feeling me on you?

– Yes.

* My dirty girl, whispering so no one hears how much you want to cum for me.

– Yes.

* Are you keeping still?

– Yes.

* Can you feel it building?

– Yes.

* Are you going to cum for me?

– Yes.

* Cum.

– Yes… Thank you…

* I can hear you. Hear your breathing. Hear you tremble. Keep cuming for me, my dirty girl. Feel me next to you, inside you. My little slut.

– Yes…

* Did they hear you?

– I… I don’t think so. I was quiet.

* Good. Don’t take it off. Don’t turn it off. Not til I see you. Not til you’re in my arms.

– But…

* Not til you are in my arms.

– Not til I’m in your arms.

* See you at noon. And no, you don’t have permission to cum again.

– But…

* Til noon. Bye.

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