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As some of you may have noticed, my last few blogs have referenced the number for which they are quasi-titled. I say quasi because the numbers were just place holders.

With NaNoWriMo being quite difficult, I was not able to both write fifty-thousand words and still produce thirty blogs by the end of the month. However, a friend made a suggestion that I used to assuage my guilt. I published blogs twenty-six through thirty as blank place holders for when I could come back and update them with actual stories.

(Side note: May I just say I was quite surprised when people actually looked at the blank posts. I didn’t realize people visited my blog on their own instead of through the links I post on Fet & Twitter and my link love from elust. I guess some folks really like what I write. Thank you.)

With this being the last of my place holder replacements, I thought I’d take the time to ponder some numbers.

It being December, the end of the year fast approaching, all of my adventures and the life I’ve lived for the past eleven months have been invading my mind.

1- the number of new countries I visited.

My London trip was my first adventure requiring a passport. I was nervous, talking to the woman at customs, realizing almost at the end of our conversation that she was figuring out if I planned on staying illegally. Very weird moment there.

Walking through the wet and cool streets of London, I kind of wanted to skip almost all the time. I was in another country. I had made the trip all alone (until the arrival gate). I’d done it, finally.

I have but one stamp in my passport. I hope to acquire more next year.

2- the number of times I set foot in San Francisco

Before this year, I’d never been to the west coast. Technically I still have not swam at a beach or dipped my toes in the Pacific, but I’ve had two awesome experiences all the same.

Excellent food, warm people, and two fun events made my time on the left coast more than memorable.

As my plans for next year are shaping up, I will probably be back twice again.

3(A)- the number of Moleskins I carry in my back pocket

I’d heard of this specific brand of notebook before, but did not see a need, at the time, of purchasing one. And then I did need one.

And after I bought one I needed another, which happened to come in a pack of three. So now I carry three around wherever I go.

If I’m not wearing pants, they’ll be in my back pack or my Hello Kitty bag. One is my Worry Book (self explanatory). Another is where I take notes or jot down ideas for the current novel I’m working on (a great tool all last month).

The third is the first one I bought. It’s thicker than the other two and contains random thoughts, notes on whatever, jots of information, ideas for blogs, and, most importantly, venting that desperately needs to come out (but should not be directed towards anyone). My third book is my life saver, my comfort, pages only meant for me.

3(B)- the number of books I’m currently working on.

I have the rough draft of two novels written. The first, Sticky, was one that had sat on my flash drive for almost a year before I finally wrote the last chapter in recent months. The second is my creation for NaNoWriMo. The third is still in its beginning stages, though I have high hopes for its future.

Between my blog and my stories, I really do write more than I give myself credit for.

50,003- the number of words I wrote for NaNoWriMo

November was a difficult month for me. I challenged myself to write more than I ever had before, while still working and traveling.

November gave me a horrible thing: hope. Hope that I could do this for a living. Hope that I could be a working writer. Hope that if I put in the work I will be rewarded for it.

Now I’m just hoping that idea germinating in my mind doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass.

6- the number of events I attended for the first time this year (starred below)

12- the total number of events I attended this year:

Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire
International Ms. Leather*
Dark Odyssey: Fusion
The Floating World*
Dark Odyssey: Summer Camp
Rope Camp
London GRUE
Dark Odyssey: Surrender*

And now the question is: What new adventures will I have next year?

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