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~ erotica ~

As the intermission ended, patrons filed back into the crowded theater. I intentionally strayed behind, asking for another drink from the bartender. I needed something strong if I was going to make it through the second half of the show.

“Scotch neat please.”

He gave me a sideways glance but poured the drink all the same. I threw it back, which elicited an appalled facial expression from him, and landed the glass hard on his counter top before paying him and tipping him well. I figured for having held his tongue he deserved a little extra.

Turning towards the theatre door, my hand reached out to open it. But, just as I was about to grip the metal knob, the door swung open. I stepped back in time to miss the gentleman making his quiet exit.

When he stepped out, he looked up at me with a noticeably embarrassed face. I could see the wheels in his mind turning, searching for an excuse for his egress.

“Don’t bother,” I said, and motioned towards the comfortable seats just around the corner. He sighed in relief and joined me.

“How were you roped into attending?”
“My brother’s in the show. You?”
“My roommate. Utterly abysmal.”

I swayed my crossed legs back and forth, trying to not be too obvious as I admired the handsome stranger’s physique. Attending the theatre did have its perks. He was sharply attired, a suit cut to the lines of his muscular frame. My fingers twitched at the idea of ripping it off of him.

I craned my head around the corner behind my seat and saw the bartender had finished packing up. No one else was in the lobby.

When I looked back at my new friend, he had a devilish grin on his face.

I took a gamble. I extended my finger out and motioned him over. He stood. I stood.

I backed into the wall, hiding us as much around the corner as I could. I lifted my left knee, creeping up my skirt. His one hand found my thigh, the other went to the back of my neck as he met my lips for a passionate kiss.

I wrapped my leg around his waist momentarily before pushing off, spinning our bodies, and thumping his back onto the wall. His hands dropped to his pants, freeing his cock for me. As he worked, I pulled a condom from my bra, tore open the packaging, and, just as he freed his engorged member, slid it down his shaft.

He gave me a smile as I worked the latex down.

“I always cum prepared,” I whispered.

I lifted my leg to his waist again as he guided his cock into my cunt. Once he was inside me, I jumped up and wrapped my other leg around his waist. He caught my limb and rested his back against the wall for support. I squeezed my thighs, lifted my hips, and came back down on his cock, fucking him roughly against the wall.

When I felt my orgasm near, I bent my head down into the crook of his neck and sunk my teeth in.

“Harder. You can mark me.” Oh, good boy.

I bit and sucked as sweet warmth surged through my body.

Unable to hold me up any longer, he leaned forward, resting my ass on the back of one of the small couches. My heels rested on the wall, my hands on his hips, as we continued to fuck.

And then we heard the applause start.

“You better work harder; they’ll all be out here any moment now.”

I didn’t try to disguise the glee in my voice, knowing I’d already had my one cum and could feel yet another rising.


He pulled me up, turned me around, and bent me over the couch, thrusting harder than before. My cum, and his grunts, came and then ended just as we heard the footsteps start.

We stood up straight and eased apart as patrons streamed out of the theatre. I smoothed down my skirt and stepped away, but not before turning back, giving him a smile, and mouthing, “Thanks” before exiting stage left.

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