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~ erotica ~

“We have to go.”

He sat on the couch, his clothes sloppily thrown on his body, his hair merely pushed back off his face. He’d flipped to something random on our television; we were probably going to be late.

“Come on. Get your shoes on. You know how much they hate it when we’re late.”
“Remind me again of why we’re going?”
“Because they’re our friends and they throw this party every year and it’s our job as their friends to support them.”
“Even though it’s dull and boring and will be slightly torturous?”

I slipped my final earring in as I walked over to him.

“Even though it is dull and boring and will be slightly torturous.”

I leaned down and kissed him in the familiar way we’d known for years now. When I stood up, he gripped my top and gently tugged, quietly asking for another kiss. I gave it.

When I stood up again, he tugged again.

“We have to go,” I insisted.

I turned to grab my coat, but he grabbed my hips and turned me back towards him. In the rush of his movement, my hands found the back of the couch for purchase. My lips were near his again.

“Just a little fun before we leave.”

His hand was quickly up my skirt, and soon past my panties.

His fingers played with my clit the way he knew I liked, the way he knew I almost never said no to.

My nails dug into the fabric of the couch. I brought my knees up to the sides of his thighs, humping his hard hard, giving my non-verbal agreement to his vehement request.

His free hand undid his pants and pulled out his cock before wrapping around my hips and pivoting my body down onto the cushions.

And then his body rested on mine. And then his cock was inside me. And we fucked fast and hard on our couch we’d own since before we’d met our friends.

Soon I no longer cared about being late.

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