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Normal —

I went to a company holiday party last night. I went to Happy Hour first, had drinks with friends, and made plans for the holidays, but then I left earlier than normal and found my way to the bowling alley where the event was held. It was hosted by one of the half dozen companies […]

Good Boy —

~ erotica ~ Everyone was on the floor. He sat cross-legged in front of me. My crotch nuzzled up to his tight little ass, my legs laying lazily on the carpeted ground. My chin rested on his shoulder. We watched the small intimate show, cheering on our friend who was dancing. But I wanted a […]

Music —

~ erotica ~ The concert was loud. And crowded. And because of a series of annoying laws recently passed I had to take my nicotine addiction outside into the cold wet evening. The band was bland, the beer flat and just barely not warm, and the food was sold out, though I would not have […]

Smile —

My session with Doc today was surprisingly awesome. We started talking about OKCupid and how I’ve completely revamped my profile, basically lifting my recent blog post about my disappointment with the site and pasting it into my profile, including the list of minimum qualifications. My daily message count has drop significantly, but I’m actually pretty […]

Tuned In —

My life infects my writing.My writing infects my life. – me, in a random moment of realization and blunt honesty So there was this moment at work. Well, no, it wasn’t actually at work, but it was during the break between our setup and our tear down. It was this subtle little thing, a blink […]

Telling —

~ a fictional truth ~ When you came home, tired from work, grumpier than normal. When you flopped down on the couch, kicked off your shoes, and said you wanted nothing more than to be left alone. When I slowly crept beside you, and softly asked if you wanted me to rub your shoulders. Or […]

e[lust] #42 —

Photo courtesy of Penny Welcome to e[lust] – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust]. Please check the site in January to find out if e[lust] will […]


~ a half imagined moment ~ We sat in the diner booth, the three of us killing time til our afternoon movie, a distraction to fill the dreary Sunday. He sat next to me, our legs almost, but not quite, touching. Our friend sat across from us, massaging his scalp, then retying his dreadlocks back up […]

Quick —

~ erotica ~“Wait.” He turned, looking at me quizzically. When the doors to the elevator closed, I immediately grabbed him by his tie and pulled his body towards mine. We slammed against the wall with a muffled thud, his head now near mine as I continued to hold his fashioned noose. His leather gloved hands […]

Cool —

~ a story ~ As the doors opened, my breath caught in my throat, yet I tried not to show it. She just stood there, no leaned there, against the wall of the elevator, her manner so striking, yet quiet, unassuming. Her body was positioned in the lazy way fashion models try to fake, but […]