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~ a pittance poetry ~


Deep in the forest, creeping through the almost night
Drifts a little girl clinging to a small light.

She wanders and cries, and holds her beam tight
Not knowing what dangers lurk or could fright.

She wishes she were home, weeps at her plight
For she does not know how exactly to fight

The fear welling against her little child might
That there is something in the woods that will bite

Or claw or tear or scream or scare or quite
Frankly, more horror the thought, invite

Her terrors to rise to worse heights
Like her lost toy, this her search for her white kite.


Don’t tell me what to say
Don’t tell me how to play

Don’t pretend you’re nice
Don’t pretend I’m your vice

Don’t smile and lie
Don’t ask or pry

Don’t give or take
Don’t feint or fake

Don’t love and leave
Yet be what I need

Do smile and ask
Do test and pass

Do open yourself up
Do let it erupt

Do tell truths
Do kiss my bruise

Do hold me tight
And be just right


He loved me
He left me
He healed me
He cleft me

In two to live
In two we give
In true our hearts
Incur love’s darts

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