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A Few Things

~ erotica ~

It’s 12:45pm, only ten minutes til we end. What else did you want to talk about?

Oh, just a few things…

That top looks great on you.


Your top, of course with the appropriate bra, displays your tits well. Makes them sit up, perky, in the way we both know is a wardrobe illusion. I like it, and the few others you own like it. You should wear shirts like that more.

The skirt today is a nice touch, too. Short, but not too short, showing off your legs. You have killer legs. Defined calves and thighs that feel great when wrapped around a waist.

I think we should…

I think you were a decent lay. I say decent because, even though I’m only seventeen, well eighteen tomorrow, and you’re almost forty, I’ve had better.

Don’t get me wrong, you were good. Sucked my cock like a pro. I loved fucking your face; you were such a cock slut. And your gagging was a nice touch, though I suspect that was more for your pleasure than mine.

But you weren’t much for endurance. And you always wanted the same positions, all two of them. And you never took control. You’re very controlling here, in your office, with your pad of paper and your very expensive fountain pen, but in the sack you’re so… submissive.

And you didn’t like being in control sexually?

Okay Doc, you got me there. But, I don’t know, I guess I like a little of both. I would’ve loved to have seen you on top, riding my dick, your tits bouncing there in my face for me to play with like a kitten with its ball of string.

I like tits a lot; I don’t think you knew that

Oh, I knew.

Really? You never shoved them in my face when we fucked.

I didn’t want to give you everything you wanted. Spoiled little brats are made that way.

True. True.

Oh, and the last thing, since we only have a minute left before we’re through and I no longer have to see you: since I was under age, and I stuck my dick in you multiple times to your insistent glee, you will make sure my therapy records are sealed.


Or both you and I will be fucked again by the other long after today.

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