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Archive for January, 2013

First Time —

~ erotica ~ I got the knock on my hotel room door at 10pm. She was prompt. “Come in,” I called, having latched the door open in anticipation of her arrival. She stepped in and closed the door behind her. It locked instantly. She was beautiful, yet unassuming. She didn’t look like the fantasies I’d […]

Trust And Intimacy —

“Why do you think I haven’t been in a relationship for as long as you’ve known me?”“Do you foster trust and intimacy?”I’ve been going to Doc since April of last year. We’ve talked a lot about my emotions, my attachment style, who I find myself attracted to and why, and what I want from my […]

Write, Revise, Repeat —

With a new year ahead of me, and so many thoughts swirling in my brain about things I want to accomplish, I thought I’d take a moment to focus on one specific area of great importance to me: my writing. As I mentioned previously, writing an average of one blog a day was difficult last […]

Smile Dance Be —

It wasn’t hard to choose my next three words for my year, considering I’d already started practicing their ideaology this past month.SmileAs I previously mentioned in a post, Doc recommended I try to smile more. Smiling has never really been a problem for me, but I like the idea of doing it intentionally. I want […]

The Surface —

~ a story ~They prepare us all the same, drilling the knowledge into us from our awakening. Cling tight to the surface. Seek a new home to dwell in. Multiply and pass on the code. Life was simple, pleasant, warm. I liked the others, loved our time together, loved the dull thump and steady current […]

Enslaved pt 3 —

~ a story ~ All the dwellings loved him. All the people bent to his will. I wanted to know his scent and taste his flesh. I wanted to bed our ruler. Cooing to get to inside his dwelling was easy. Cooing to find him just as simple. And, knocking on his door, the warmth […]

Enslaved pt 2 —

~ a story ~ I cooed at my mother once to get her to give me coin. I cooed at my father to let me slip out at night. But this night would be different. I cooed at the fare coach driver to give me free passage. I cooed at his passengers to forget they […]

Enslaved pt 1 —

~ a story ~They held me in chains, naked, the cold concrete floor no comfort to my flesh or bones. The bars of my cell were not within my reach. Little light filtered into my room, but I could see well enough. That is, until anyone one of them came to see me. Few believed the tale. […]

Deadline —

I can hear laughter, chatting. I still need to shower, wash my hair, and change my clothes. My bottle of champagne is not yet in the refrigerator. I haven’t even grabbed dinner yet. I literally walked into the house about five minutes ago after working ten hours today. I’m sitting on my bed, work clothes […]