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~ erotica ~

Thoughts of you haunted me all day.

First when I rode the bus into work. The behemoth lumbered along slowly, rocking back and forth at the slightest deviation in the road. I stood, holding onto a rail above my head for stability. As I swayed, my body remembered a similar movement, my frame jostling violently when we fucked last night.

A quick flash of memory filled my mind as my cunt ached for your cock inside it. I gripped the rail a little tighter, closed my eyes for just a pause longer than normal, and bathed in the remembrance of that moment.

Next was when I visited an office friend at their cubicle. I leaned over and rested my forearms on the top of the flimsy wall, making sure not to put too much body weight against it. Standing in the generous walk area, my hips naturally kicked back, my ass just barely presented. But it was enough.

Immediately thoughts of your hands gliding onto my hips, gripping, and pulling me back. Your cock finding my ass, my back arched, popping my rump up for your approval. Your fingernails sinking into my flesh. Your cock pounding my cunt.

I bit my lip, hid my face in my rested arms, and hoped my friend didn’t notice the smile beaming from my eyes.

Then there was the two o’clock blues. Sitting at my desk, my neck tense, my shoulders and upper arms tight. I closed my eyes, rolled my neck, and tried to relax. And suddenly it was as if I could feel your hands in my hair. Your lips on my neck. Your teeth nibbling softly.

Soon, I assured myself. I would see you that evening.

Finally, I just couldn’t take it anymore. My body pulse, throbbed at the thought of you. My nipples were erect, begging to be sucked. My clit ached from wanting.

I hurried to the bathroom, checked that all the other stalls were empty, and chose my quiet doored corner. Lifting my skirt, my fingers manically played with my clit, glided up and down my pussy lips, and slid in and out of my wet cunt easily.

But I didn’t cum, not yet. That I wanted to save for when my torment would end, for when I saw you next, in just a few short hours. I saved my cum for your cock, and your lips, and your hands, and our fucking.

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