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Write, Revise, Repeat

With a new year ahead of me, and so many thoughts swirling in my brain about things I want to accomplish, I thought I’d take a moment to focus on one specific area of great importance to me: my writing.

As I mentioned previously, writing an average of one blog a day was difficult last year. Still, I liked having the increase in content and the constant practice of using my imaginiation, literary skill, and shear will power to pump out posts.

However, with two rough drafts of novels waiting to be polished, plus a third uncompleted story I have sitting on my netbook begging me for attention, I have other important projects I want to give time to. And, frankly, NaNoWriMo, though difficult, was still amazing.

So, with that slight build up, the following are my writing goals for this year:

1) Write

For my blog, at minimum, I will post once every other day. Now hopefully it will not be an average of every other day, but actually every other day. I thought about picking odd or even calendar days, but technically that wouldn’t be every other day. I may end up doing this anyway, but I am still mulling it over, so, for now, we’re going with every other day.

I started a novel some time ago but have not touched the material in a few months with NaNoWriMo, work, and time with friends and family as constant distractions.

Each time I look at my desktop, the folder for the book is right there, waiting to opened, waiting for my words, waiting to know where the story will go. So, by the beginning of November, I will have the rough draft for my third novel written.

2) Revise

I have two completed rough drafts to work on. I love both stories, as different as they are, probably because they do not live in the same universe, or, for that matter, the same genre.

I know it will take a lot of work, but I want to polish them enough that they are ready for showtime (i.e. e-publishing). I know this will require setting a time table, and living by it, but at this moment I can at least set one goal: I will finish editing my two novels by November. Which leads me to my last goal.

3) Repeat

I will participate in NaNoWriMo again this year. With the first draft of my third novel complete by the beginning of November, I like the idea of having two rough drafts of novels to start my 2014.

Wow, 2014; that is looking way far ahead. But I wrote it. I am putting it out there into the ether. May fortune favor my boldness.

So… here I go.

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