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A Small Town Affair (part three)

~ a story ~

The melody of the creek behind the deputy’s home filled the forest with liquid music. The water was down a small stony slope. You could see the twist and turns of the stream from the deputy’s back porch, and almost cool air occasionally drifted up towards his home as I waited for him to change his clothes.

He reappeared a minute later dressed in sneakers, jeans, and a worn college t-shirt, his alma mater he explained, before leading me down to his favorite spot in town, so he claimed.

My sandals gathered the occasional pebble as I followed him, holding his hand was we descended. When we approached the creek, he sat me on an almost perfect spot, a large rock mostly flat and big enough for two.

“I bet you bring all the girls here.”

“You bet I do. It’s about the only romantic place in this town.”

I slipped off my sandals, shook out the small stones, and set the shoes aside before easing my toes into the cooler than expected water. I let out a small moan at the relief.

The Sun would soon set; a warm glow bathed the early evening sky. I let down my hair, tossing it side-to-side shaking loose my strands and slipping my hair tie on my wrist. Relaxed, finally, from my day, I looked over at the deputy sitting within arm’s reach of me.

He had the naughtiest of grins on his face, the sweetness in his eyes from before overshadowed by his almost sinister glee.

“You are thinking about something filthy, aren’t you?”

“I’ve never had much of a poker face. Lost a lot of money in college because of it.”

“What are you thinking about?”

“Not thinking, just observing. You never re-buttoned your shirt.”

Looking down, I saw his delightful view. Were I not wearing a bra, my nipples would’ve been exposed when I tossed my hair about. As still, the lace a top my bra, as well as the first inch of the cups, protruded from my shirt.

If I were embarrassed, I may have covered up. But I was hot, and he was hotter, and I suspected I wouldn’t be wearing my clothes much longer. I smiled at the sight, and then smiled at him. Both of us were delighted at the small development.

Then, out of nowhere, the deputy stood, reached down, and pulled off his shirt, muscular arms, chest, and abs revealed. He tossed his shirt aside before undoing his pants.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting undressed, obviously.” His pants were down by his knees as he pulled off both the fabric and his shoes in two good jerks.

“And why are you getting undressed?”

“I’m going for a swim.” He turned around, pulled off his boxers, and tossed them aside as well. He turned his head, huge smile on his face, as he watched me stare at his ass.

“That…That water isn’t deep enough to swim in.”

“Really? That’s your answer?” He walked forward to the center of the creek, the water coming up to his knees, and then sat down in the middle of the small current.

“If I can float, it’s swimming.”

“Oh, please. You’re ass is practically sitting in the stream.”

“My ass, eh? Wouldn’t you like to know.”

I had to give him points for brashness. And the water was cool. And the heat lingered even as the evening drew near. What the hell, I thought.

Still clothed, though my thin shirt and skirt only barely counted, I stepped out into the creek, eventually standing above the very attractive man floating in two feet of water.

“You were just trying to get me naked. Nice try, though.”

“No, I wasn’t trying to get you naked.”

“Really?” I knelt down beside him, getting my face closer to his. “Then what were you trying to do?”


With one great sweep of his arm, he splashed water on me, half wetting my shirt, skirt, and hair. I shrieked before breaking out in an uncontrollable laugh. My hands found his chest, leaning against his firm body, my heaving frame nowhere near its overjoyed end.

Sitting up from his float, his hands gripping my arms, he brought his lips to mine and kissed me in the middle of his creek, quieting my giggles, the sound around us again only of the slow moving water. My hands found his back, tracing the lines of muscle over bone, and then slowly making their way down to his ass. I felt the smile on his lips when I gripped his cheeks.

I broke our embrace, my mouth moving to his ear.

“Okay, lover boy, lets move this to your bed, cause I don’t want to fuck on rocks, and you have neighbors.”

“Not within five miles, and I do have a condom in my jeans pocket, but no, I don’t want gravel embedded in my knees again.”

I sat back, a wide smile on my face.

“I was right. How many girls have fallen for your floating trick?”

“Most just start making out with me on the rock. Incredibly uncomfortable.”

“I bet.”

I stood up and started back towards his house, grabbing my sandals, and throwing “Race yah” over my shoulder, before scurrying up the small hill, dripping as I moved. He hooted and fumbled his things as he followed me.

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  1. Sounds like an interlude I would love to have.