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It had been months since I was in someone else’s rope. I came to the party knowing I wanted that experience, knowing I wanted to be tied, but not sure how I would get it (or even if I could).

But then, life working as it does, I began speaking with a rigger friend. As we chatted, it occurred to me, Hey, maybe we could play.

I asked politely and they accepted.

It would not be a D/s scene, as they were submissive, but they could service top. This was fine with me; I just wanted to be in rope.

I stripped down to my underwear, stretched, took down my hair, took off my necklace, and we began.

They started with a TK, making it quite tight to accomplish their intended goal. They secured the chest harness to the rig above, cinching me up a bit. Next they added hair bondage, playing with my mass of curls. Then they included my favorite part of their tie: a blind fold graced my face. After the gift of darkness, they attached a cuff to my right ankle and lifted my leg.

As they worked, we chatted at times. They asked me how I felt, checked my hands often, but also worked with an efficiancy that I admired. I fell into my rope space, wanting to show them affection and appreciation for their time, nuzzling my head or brushing a finger against them.

With my one leg lifted, they stepped away for but a moment. And then I felt the kick. They smacked my left leg with their foot, testing to see if I would fall. They tried to buckle my leg a few times. I giggled, their kicks not very malicious, and held strong.

Then more rope graced my body, wrapping around my left thigh and rising my leg into the air. I rested my weight into my chest tie, felt my body move, felt how I could adjust pressure here and there in the ropes with my being lifted into the air.

I’d never been rigged in that way before. It was somewhat challeging, but mostly fun and different. I loved the feel of the constriction across my chest, the pull of the rope in my hair, the way my body swayed in this position in the air.

Freeing the rope attached to my hair from their ring, they wrapped the rope around my mouth, creating a gag. They gave me a little spin, first wrapping it on, and then unwrapping the rope from my mouth.

It was then time to come down. As per my request, they left the blindfold on as they lowered me to the ground. With almost all the rope off of me, we sat under the rig for about ten minutes, cuddling and chatting, my eyes still shadowed.

It wasn’t that I had forgotten the feeling of the connection between rigger and bottom. In fact, it wasn’t til we were on the floor that I realized indeed how much I had missed the connection.

Our time wasn’t D/s, though that is something I love. There wasn’t impact or sexual play, though I adored that type of interaction. With my friend, that was not what our time was about. It was me and another relating through this medium, getting to know each other in this way, an introduction of how we could be in this moment.

Yes, I want a Dom. Yes, I want a Daddy. No, this friend cannot be that.

But, for me, for that evening, for that time spent connected with my friend, what we had in those moments was enough.

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  1. How amazing, and now I want to experience the rope play that you have described, and that I have never experienced.