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Good Morning

~ erotica ~

Sunlight shone through the large window in my room, breaking my night’s rest with the brightness of the morning.

Even before the light annoyed my eyes open, I felt his body next to mine, his arm still across my middle, his hand still lightly holding onto my cunt, my head still nuzzled in the crook of his arm, and his heat still a comfort against my skin.

He’d slept over again. This was becoming a habit, or, dare I think it, a relationship. Still though, I liked having him around night, and day.

As I became aware of my body, I also felt the warmth in my loins, a side effect of him being here. His cock was semi hard, its flesh lightly grazing against the back of my thigh just under my ass.

He was still sleeping, his even breaths occasionally tickling my ear. I debated for but a moment before deciding how I would wake him.

I slowly reached my hand behind me, over his arm, inching my way towards his cock. My fingers lightly grazed at first, the most delicate of touches. His body responded, each touch I gave bringing more life to his loins.

And then I felt his fingers move. And his teeth bit my ear. And I realized his slumber had ended as well.

“Good morning,” he whispered, before probing my pussy with his digits. My hips instinctively tipped up towards his hand with each of his movements.

“Good morning,” I whispered back, gripping harder onto his now engorged cock.

Sloth like in our movements, he brought his body on top of mine as I moved under him, each of us never letting go of the other’s sex until he slipped into me.

His strokes were smooth, deep, and measured. He thrust in, and then held himself there, letting me feel full of him, all of him. My hands gripped his ass. My legs locked behind his back. My cunt wanted nothing more than to always have his cock inside it.

He pulled out slowly, controlled, leaving just a slice of his tip inside me before again filling my pussy to the brim with his manhood. I could hardly take his torture, could hardly do anything except moan and bite his neck as his stroked my insides.

Gripping my ass much like I held onto his, he pivoted our bodies up to sitting on the bed. Gravity pushed him still further into me. Even as I buried my face in the crook of his neck, our hips rocked together, a slow movement that progressed us still closer and closer…

Until finally I came. My inner muscles gripped onto his cock as my teeth sunk deeper into his flesh. And as the warmth rolled throughout my body, he held me tight, and slipped himself out of me, spewing his warmth in between us. Hot sticky cum smeared on our bellies as we held each other.

Our breathing labored, I rose my head to his and kissed him. As our embrace ended, he remarked, “I’m hungry.”

His hand pushed my body back down onto the bed. He began licking up his essence from my stomach, tickling my skin.

“I’m hungry too,” I whined as he played with his tongue across my flesh. He reached his hand down to his stomach, skimmed us his cum, and brought my breakfast to my mouth.

As I ate, he said, “Now this is the way to start our day.”

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  1. Love to awaken ready and willing.