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What Do You Want —

http://e17arttrail.co.uk/previews?platform=hootsuite ~ erotica ~ So many people. So many things happening. Equipment like I’d never seen before. Outfits, costumes, shoes, and boots that looked so glamorous yet so terrifying. Naked people flitting about. Fucking any and everywhere in whatever manner you could imagine. And the things they used. The screams and wails coming from people’s lips. […]

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Ready —

~ erotica ~ “How good is your control?” I asked him. I was sleepy, having just woken up from his good morning text. His early job meant he’d been awake for several hours already. I was used to this nudge from my slumber. Even though I was only half awake, I still liked texting him […]

Connection —

It had been months since I was in someone else’s rope. I came to the party knowing I wanted that experience, knowing I wanted to be tied, but not sure how I would get it (or even if I could). But then, life working as it does, I began speaking with a rigger friend. As […]

The Upside to Amputation —

“I know this is hard, and you can totally tell me to fuck off, but can you see an upside to this revelation?” – Doc“Well, yes. I invested a lot of emotional energy their way, so now that I’ve accepted that the fantasy in my head won’t happen, I can invest most of that emotional […]

Driving the Lamborghini —

I had a reality check from a friend recently. As some of you may or may not know, I was featured in a documentary. Due to the wackiness that is my current life at times, I still have not seen it, even though it aired over a week ago and has already had a repeat […]

Drop the Apparently —

“So, what does that tell you?” – Doc“That apparently people value my thoughts and opinions more than I do.” – me“Drop the apparently.”  ~ In regards to the PS, we’re going to get a little snooty here. I’ve worked shows before, especially lighting. There’s some good people there. There’s some smart people there. But they are […]