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“Your blogs have been pretty intense lately.”

Yeah, about that…

I realize as of late that my entries have been heavy. Life, contemplating my place in this world, how I got here and where I’m going, heavy. And I realize that is not what one would instantly expect from this blog.

Don’t get me wrong, and I will just say this to be blunt: I’m gonna write whatever the fuck I want here. That has been my goal from the start, and if that ever changes I don’t know if I’ll blog anymore.

Still, I don’t want to give people the wrong impression. My life is pretty fucking good. Occasionally I’ll have these moments when it is actually pretty fucking awesome. Not perfect, but definitely awesome.

Case and point (and bringing the sexy back, as it were), there was definitely a good hour and a half at Winter Fire where I was absolutely winning.

I had arranged a playdate with Shay Saturday evening. In the lobby of the hotel, we discussed what we wanted from our scene. She was interested in fire play and positions training. That sounded great to me, my only stipulation being I was not in the mood for penetrative play.

Heading down to the dungeon, we found a massage table by the far wall and setup. My friend Alice came by to watch and practice her fire play, to which both Shay and I consented.

We started our scene with me just in my black wrap dress. Shay was pleasantly surprised at how accessible it made me as she took the single piece of cloth off to reveal my nakedness beneath the fabric.

Shay inspected my body as she ran me through several poses. She wanted my feet in specific configurations, as well as my hands. There were variations between service poses versus more sexual poses. It all rung my service/submissive bells quite well.

As Shay went through the poses, she constantly rubbed all over my body both with her hands and her boots. I was incredibly turned on by the end of her instructions and quizzing.

Transitioning to the table, she had me start on my stomach. Though we had had a brief fire play encounter during the opening ritual, this felt more connected and definitely more intense.

Shay traced lines of flame over my body, down my back, my legs, gliding the curve of my ass. The warmth was intoxicating. Alice practiced with Shay’s supervision. I moaned from both their touches.

And then Shay got mean. Instead of softly swiping the line of flame, she began smacking my skin. “What? I have to make sure it’s out.” I yelped and cackled through the pain.

Flipping me face up, Shay again danced fire across my skin. Bringing out her cups, she tried her darnedest to make my skin look like I was attacked by an octopus: no luck.

She smacked my nipples with her fire wands, and then smacked my nipples with her hands, again “making sure the fire was out”. She danced flame down my legs and over my cunt (talk about a mind fuck).

Back on my stomach, she pulled out a spritz bottle and blew balls of flame in the air. The heat came in bursts, warming my body.

Shay again went for my ass. No more hair and no more dead skin as a barrier, her smacks to the extinguished flame were stingy tortures. Soon I could take no more heat on my cheeks. Happy with her torments, Shay decided we’d had enough pyro pleasantries.

She helped me from the massage table, making sure I stood up without tipping over. Running through the positions again, I remembered them well. I love rising to the occasion and all.

Shay brought me back to standing and aftercare ensued.

As we were finishing up, Stefanos ventured over. With another set of eyes to watch me to as I came back down to earth, Shay went about gathering her things and cleaning up our area.

“You look like you were set on fire,” said my pinch supervision.
“I was,” I said, smiley floaty happy.

Stefanos was in the dungeon awaiting his next playdate. He came closer to me, brought his leg in between my thighs, and asked, “We’re suppose to have a playdate, aren’t we?” He lifted his leg up and down, massaging his leather chap against my crotch.

“Yes, we are.  We still need to schedule it.” I let my hands and chest rest on his body, trying to not lose my wits in the moment.
“What did you have in mind for it?”
“I was thinking we’d try me sucking your cock and then you fisting me.”
“You want to try it or you want to do it?”
“I want to suck your cock and then you fist me.”
“Fisting, you say. You want to schedule that?”

Stefanos raised his hands to my arms, softly pushed me back to the table I had just occupied with Shay for fireplay (the same table she was in the process of cleaning) and encouraged me to sit on it. I did so, lying back as before.

“Fisting, hmm?”

He reached over to the safer sex supplies on a nearby table, gloved up his hands, and poured four packets of lube onto one.

Standing by my crotch, he looked over my body, locking eyes with me.

“Fisting, yes we can schedule that. How about right now?”

Stefanos rubbed his excess lube onto my crotch, at which point Shay returned.

“Hey baby. What’s up?”
“Oh, just your normal spontaneous fisting.”
“Really, cause poetic said she’s not in the mood for penetration.”
“It’s good! We’re good!” I exclaimed.

I quickly rattled off something about how I wasn’t in the mood before but I was certainly in the mood for what was about to happen.

Thinking while horny, I asked Shay to snag a chuck to put under me before we got too far into my “aftercare”. Slipping it under my hips, Shay happily joined in on the fun.

By then, Stefanos already had multiple fingers in me. “I’m just doing want the pussy wants,” he explained to Shay. Truer words were never spoken.

[For those of you who are counting, this makes the second time I’ve been randomly fisted as aftercare (the first being when I met Ava Amnesia at Summer Camp 2011). Did I mention my life doesn’t suck? Yup, winning.]

Stefanos, having two hands gloved, put his second hand to use when he asked, “Poetic, do you like a thumb up your ass when you’re fisted?” Is there any other answer to that quesiton than, “Yes.”

As Stefanos stimulated two of my holes, Shay asked if I liked vibrators on my clit when I’m fisted. I mumbled something about liking them but they were not necessary, though I enjoyed clit stimulation. Shay, being ever so kind, fulfilled this desire. Hopping up onto the massage table, she reached over my body and massaged my clit while her husband was almost to the point of being full inside me.

As per my usual, I was quite communicative with both Shay and Stefanos during my “aftecare”. Soon the magical moment came when I told Stefanos, who by now had four fingers in, to push. He did, and slipped his full fist into my cunt.

And then I was gone. Lots of gibberish ensued, including some of the hottest dirty talk I have ever experienced. Shay (Did I mention she is super hot with a sexy sexy brain?) started talking dirty to me, asking me if I liked having Stefanos’ fist in my cunt. Of course I moaned my pleasure at having his fist in my cunt, how I was a dirty whore, how great it felt when Shay rubbed my clit, how full my pussy felt with his hand inside me.

By now Stefanos had inserted a second finger into my ass as he also worked inside my cunt.

At one point I was so excited I lifted my pelvis up, bridging my body, as I fucked his hand. And somewhere there is a picture of this very moment (I know because I saw it on a projector screen in the Atrium the next night).

I’m fairly certain at some point a crowd of onlookers formed, but with so much stimulation going on my attention was absolutely not on the individuals who wanted to watch the show.

Needless to say, that hour and a half was so many different levels of awesome. I couldn’t tell you how many times I came. I can’t quite articulate how mind blowing it is to have two amazingly hot people all about you and your pleasure. And the feeling of having my pussy be so full and pleased… I really do love fisting.

Saturday night at Winter Fire was absolutely full of win.

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