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Ever let your mind wander…

Ever ride public transportation, look at the people around you, and ponder what they’re thinking about? Their shitty day? What they have planned for their night? The person sitting next to them? The person they want next to them? You?

Ever catch eyes with someone and question what they meant by their glance? Was it on purpose? By accident? Were they imagining you as they would have you, right there, on the dirty floor, not caring who watched? Were they envisioning you naked, waiting, wanting them? Were you their fantasy, attainable or ever elusive?

Ever notice some random looking at you? Checking you out. Up and down. As you stand and they sit. As you’re reading or looking out the window. As you’re far away from that bus or train, but they are there, right there, imagining who knows what about you.

Ever think about just going for it? Meeting their stare. Making your way over to them. Trying to look sexy as you avoid bumping into people or seats. Not taking your eyes off them. Looming above them. Or sitting close to them. And asking, flat out, “What are you thinking about?”

Ever have the balls to make the offer? Will it be their place or yours? Now? Right now? Is it before or after work? Is it cold, both of you bundled up, but enough figure showing to know you’ll like what you see later? Is it warm, you both showing off the goods for any and everyone to see?

Ever been bold, daring? Guiding them up the stairs to your small apartment. Ignoring the looks of the neighbors as you pass in the hallway. Not caring that you weren’t expecting a guest. Dropping your coat by the door. Your bag by the couch. Leaving the windows unshielded. Offering them a drink, no matter the time. Handing them their liquor. Throwing yours back. Leaving the glass or bottle or can on the counter. Slowly unbuttoning your shirt. Or sliding off your strap. Or pulling fabric up off your torso. Looking at them as if to say, “What are you waiting for?”

Ever get exactly what you want when you want it from a person you’ve just met? Their hands all over your body. Their tongue tracing the lines of your flesh. Kisses. Bites. Caresses. Sucking. Fucking. Never using names. Letting yourself go. Letting yourself be as nasty, carnal, ferocious, all-in as you’ve always dreamed.

Ever cum and not know what name to scream, who to thank, for your pleasure?

Ever just not give a fuck?

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