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I have many different orgasms. Some are similar. Some are very different.

When I’m in the throws of masturbation, and an orgasm builds, I never know what it will feel like until it happens.

Often, while I’m cuming, I’ll scream profanities and usually thank my fantasy Daddy for allowing me to have an orgasm (or for giving me one, depending on the story running through my mind as I cum). I’m usually loud, so I’m usually alone in the house.

Sometimes I’ll play a masturbation game with myself. During the Usher song Hey Daddy (a staple of my masturbation play list), I’ll wait til the line “Daddy’s home, home for me” before I’ll allow the vibrator on my clit. Then I’ll only have to the end of the chorus to cum. If I can’t achieve orgasm, I have to wait until the next bridge. I guess it’s kind of self training, though really I just find it fun and hot.

On occasion, as I’m cuming, or as the orgasm is ending, I’ll name the sensation I felt.

“That. Was. Smoooth.” An airy, almost raspy voice.
Tickley. Tickley. It tickles.” High pitched and laughing hysterically.
Pri-ckle-ly, hey hey hey.” High pitched and giggling.
“Oh. Yes. Juicy.” Lower range of my voice, as if Barry White has taken over.

Yes, I named one of my orgasms Juicy.

My cums vary depending on what implement I’m using. Did I achieve ecstasy just with my WeVibe and my blue dildo? My Lelo with the blue dildo? Did I already switch to the black dildo? What about the Energizer vibrator? The new Hitachi (just picked it up at Frolicon)? Is there no dildo at all? No vibrator (a rarity)?

Position matters. On my back with lots of pressure on my clit from the vibrator is sure fire way. Also on my stomach, fucking the dildo while rubbing up against the vibrator. Occasionally I’ll use a crotch rope to hold in the vibrator, my dildo, and my sometimes butt plug.

The sensations racing through my body varying. All of my orgasms start from my hips/pelvic bone. (Thank you sacral nerve.) From there, the pleasure travels. Sometimes it just darts around and around my hips. Sometimes it loops around and then darts down into my thighs. Sometimes it shoots across my abdomen. Sometimes it travels all the way up to my torso, my arms, my tits. Sometimes its fast, lightning sensations. Sometimes it’s a slow rumble across the landscape of my frame.

And then there are the full body orgasms. The sensation starts at my hips, travels in waves to my legs, my abdomen, my chest, all the way up. My neck gets tingly. My head is swimming. Every inch of my body, every nerve on my skin, is electric with pleasure.

There is no wrong, no worry, no sorrow. I can think of nothing but now. I can feel nothing but now. There is only yes. Yes. And more, please God more. And a hope, a vain wish, for it to never stop.

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