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Penetrated —

Ghazni ~ erotica ~ “Turn your ass towards the camera.” She did as she was told. “Spread your cheeks. Wider. I want to see your asshole before I fill it.” She didn’t like this angle. She wanted to see her Master, glimpse his face on the screen as he ordered her around. Still, she always did […]

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Orals —

~ erotica ~ “How was your test?”“Brutal.” “I thought college was suppose to be about learning. This shit feels more like torture.”“Indeed.” ~ “When examining the works of. Of. Copley. When examining his portraits. On the whole. One sees. Oh God.”“This is not religion class, Ms. Lane. And though Copley’s work is magnificent, I do not […]

Never —

~ a story ~ Never read his Twitter feed before bed. If you do, you’ll start dreaming of him even before your eyes close. You’ll wish for what you can’t ever have, imagine a life you’ll never live, and bath yourself in what-ifs til your heart groans. Never comment on his blog. No matter how […]

M’s —

Mania Three people died in Boston today. One of them was a child. Eight years old. A third grader who attended the Boston Marathon, who possibly cheered on a family member, lost their life today. More than one hundred people were injured in the dual blasts. Multiple injuries included the loss of limbs. I don’t […]

DGG #5: Southern Comfort —

Twenty minutes of me swooning about my amazing awesome absolutely fabulous time at Frolicon 2013.   listen to ‘005_DGG Southern Comfort’ on Audioboo

L’s —

Lame I woke up, not wanting to get out of bed. I was tired from two long days of work. Still, I had more work that day to accomplish. Bills to pay. The same ole song and dance. I rolled over, tried to fall back to sleep. No go. I sat up, pulled out my […]

Kidnapped —

~ erotica ~{Trigger Warning: This is a rape fantasy.} I carried my backpack over my shoulder, beleaguered from my long day and night’s work. Though there were few contents, it still felt heavy, weighing me down as I tried to walk home. I knew this path, this way I took every day or night. My […]

Juicy —

I have many different orgasms. Some are similar. Some are very different. When I’m in the throws of masturbation, and an orgasm builds, I never know what it will feel like until it happens. Often, while I’m cuming, I’ll scream profanities and usually thank my fantasy Daddy for allowing me to have an orgasm (or […]

Instruction —

~ a story ~ It was a simple request. I was known for my cigar service, my love and care in the role. The time I’d taken to learn about the act, as well as multiple types of cigars and the accoutrement surrounding the ritual. The Top was respected in our community, though I had […]

Holla —

I suppose I was overdue. It hadn’t happened in awhile. Monday I’m working (happens a lot when I’m working, or on my way to work). My job’s tedious and annoying. I’m wearing an ugly orange vest and carrying around two orange flags. I’m a spotter for a forklift as we maneuver gear around in a […]