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~ erotica ~

“Turn your ass towards the camera.”

She did as she was told.

“Spread your cheeks. Wider. I want to see your asshole before I fill it.”

She didn’t like this angle. She wanted to see her Master, glimpse his face on the screen as he ordered her around. Still, she always did as she was told.

“Have you been training like to I instructed?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Good. Because if you haven’t this will not be fun for you. We both know, no matter what, this is going to be fun for me. Go get the package I sent you.”
“Yes, Master.”

She scurried across her room, picked up the box, and placed it on the bed.

“Open it.”

She tore at the packaging. Inside was filled with tissue paper. Lifting the delicate wrapping, she saw it.

“Get the bottle of lube.”

It sat on her end table.

“Turn your ass towards me. Spread your cheek with one hand. Lube up my pretty little hole with the other.”

It was his hole, his mouth, his body, to be used in anyway he saw fit. She remembered that, loved that, as she pumped lube onto her fingertips and caressed her opening for him to watch.

“More. Good. Stick a finger in. That’s it. Shove some more lube inside. You’ll need it next.”

She did as she was told.

“Now pick it up.”

It was heavy, which made sense. It was big. Bigger than she’d ever taken before.

“Lube all around it.”

It looked like a freakishly large tear drop. She thought this ironic. She was sure there would soon be tears.

“Now bring the tip to my hole. Keep spreading your cheek with your other hand. Is the tip against my hole?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Good. Push.”

It was as she knew, at first. The familiar relaxation, letting go, letting something in. Only it kept getting bigger. And bigger. And bigger. She eased it in slowly, asshole spreading, as her Master watched and spoke.

“That’s my good little slut, getting her asshole spread wide open for her Master. Filling my hole to the brim.

“How does it feel, my little slut? To have something of mine in you. To feel it slide into your ass. Filling your hole. I want to see you take it. Take all of it. All of it. Me filling you to the brim.”

She worked it in slowly, an eighth of an inch at a time. Breathing. Relaxing. With his voice, imaging it was his hand pushing the plug into her. His slow movement, filling her ass up.


It was in. All the way in. Her ass stretched more and filled fuller than ever before.

Her eyes were soaked with tears she willed herself not to cry. Her body shivered from the over stimulation, wanting desperately to cum.

“Master, may I?”
“My little slut took all of it. Sucked my plug into her ass just like I told her too. Turn around, I want to see your face. Are those tears?”
“Yes, Master.”
“From the endurance?”
“Yes, Master.”
“You are going to endure a bit more for me. Position five.”

She paused for a moment before accepting his command. Lifting her torso up, she sat back, her ass against her feet, her hands on her thighs. She tried her best not to groan as her own body weight pushed the plug in just a little farther.

“Good, my little slut. Position six.”

She tucked her toes under, lifting her body up just a little. She spread her knees, showing her Master her slut pussy. She interlocked her fingers behind her head. Sat back on her heels.

“Good, my little slut. Play with your clit.”

She licked her fingertips and began rubbing herself. Her body could barely take any more sensation. But she pushed through. She would do anything her Master wished.

“I want to see my plug in you. Position seven.”

She turned, ass up in the air, back arched, arms stretched out in front as her tits tickled against her bed spread.

“Did I tell you to stop playing with yourself?”
“No Master.”

Her hand went back to her clit.

“Start hitting my plug with your other hand.”

She was forced to balance her body on her face and shoulders, but she didn’t care. Every inch of her body was energized, fueled by her Master’s cruel lust. She slapped the plug’s base while playing with herself, her ass and pussy right in front of the camera for her Master to see. She moaned despite herself.

“My little slut.”
“Yes, Master.”

She gasped. Bit her bed spread. Rubbed her clit faster. Slapped her plug harder. Panted. Her body convulsed. She screamed, “Thank you Master. Thank you Master.” And came as her Master watched.

When she finished, she sat in front of the laptop in position five, plug still delightfully inside her.

“My little slut, it’s getting late. I have to go to bed, and so do you. But before we part, position seven.”

She turned and stretched out her body.

“Now, relax and pull out my plug. Slowly. Just as slowly as when I ordered it into your body.”

She gripped the base and eased out the teardrop. New tears entered her eyes as the plug left her ass. Her Master was leaving her body. Taking away that piece of him she’d accepted into herself. She worked the toy out, trying to enjoy each minuscule sensation as it exited her ass.

When gone from her hole, she returned to position five, plug in hand.

“You will do this every third night for two weeks, just as we have just done. My plug in. You playing with yourself. Cuming. And then pulling my plug out.”
“Yes, Master.”
“And you will remember whose name to scream, who to thank each time my plug is filling you up and making you cum?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Until next time, my little slut, when on the fifteenth day I will be there in the flesh, and it will be my hand penetrating you.”

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