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Midnight Snack

~ erotica ~

A hand over my mouth startled me awake. My eyes shot open. My shriek came out as a mumble into a hand. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust. To recognize Dirk as the body that rested over mine.

When he saw the realization, he eased up his hand.

“What are you?”

His hand returned to my mouth. He shook his head no. My eyes slanted towards him. What was going on?

And then his lips replaced his hand. And we were kissing. In my bed. In the middle of the night. In the house we shared with four of our friends, who were all sleeping.

I had work in the morning. A long day, in fact, full of people I didn’t like and assignments I barely cared about. I needed my rest.

But he was kissing me. And I didn’t want him to stop kissing me. Ever.

I felt his body adjust to one side. Felt his arm run down my front. Felt his hand slip under my pajama pants. Felt his fingertips find my clit.

I moaned into his mouth, his lips muffling my sounds. I tilted my hips up, up. Trying to feel more of his hand against me.

Through his boxers, I knew how much he wanted this. How hard he was. How much he wanted me.

My left hand reached over to my end table. Blindly opened a drawer. Palmed a condom. I ran my hand down his arm until I found his free hand. He grabbed the condom. Held it in between his fingers. Then covered my mouth with his hand again.

He ripped off my pants. Dove his face down in between my legs. Got off the bed. Stood against the edge to be able to reach. My hands ambled around for something, anything, to cover my mouth. I found my stuffed bear, Honey. Crushed her against my lips. I hoped she didn’t mind seeing me like this.

He climbed back onto the bed. Lifted my hips to his mouth. I could still feel the condom in his hand as he ignored it. Concentrated on licking. Flicking. Sucking. Enjoying my pussy.

I was happy I’d found Honey. My moans grew louder, but she muffled my noises. My body writhed. The tension grew. Built. Until I came against his tongue. Came squeezing my thighs around his face. Came screaming his name into my stuffed bear’s belly.

He licked me once. Twice. Lapping up the mess. Before setting my hips back down on my bed. Before dropping the condom back in the drawer. Before slipping my pajama pants back on me. Before kissing my forehead and quietly slipping out of my bedroom.

The next evening, after a dull day. After people I didn’t care much for and work I was barely able to stand, I came home. Kicked off my shoes. Dropped my things by the door. Heard no one else in the house. Checked my mail. And found a note in my box.

You taste delicious.

I ran upstairs and masturbated, staring at that piece of paper.

That night, and every night since, I leave my bedroom door cracked open, for the next time Dirk has a craving for a midnight snack.

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