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Archive for May, 2013

Three Guys At Work —

The 1st guy“To make these fit, there’s a trick. You have to marry them together.”“I wouldn’t call it marrying. I’d more say they were…” I was tired. You could probably even say cranky. My day started with a 6am setup. Continued with a 3pm focus call. And now ended with a 10pm breakdown that didn’t […]

Grue-p Dynamics —

Ok, looks like we will have room for you. πŸ™‚It felt like an enclave. No, a kinky commune. No, a kinky family reunion. We woke up together. Got ready at the same time. Drank our respective morning drinks. Shoveled loads of food and supplies into cars. Carpooled to our destination. Worked together to make the […]

DGG #6: Feeling Grue-vy —

The first part of my Grue Pitt 3 adventure.Β  Yup folks, I talked so long I had to split up this post.Β  More juicy content for your sexy ears.   listen to β€˜006_DGG Feeling Grue-vy pt 1’ on Audioboo

AtoZ —

You knew I was going to do this, right?Sometimes I just do things for people. Buy them a drink. Take care of the check for a meal. Crochet them something. It’s a part of my personality that I like to do for others, especially if I care about you. During the month of April, an […]

Zipper —

~ erotica ~ His face was blank, cold. He worked quietly, except for the muted snap. He held the ribbon with one hand and lined up the medical staple gun with the other, making sure his aim was just so. He was creating art, cruel art, for his enjoyment. This went on for what seemed […]