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Pop Question

What are the three things you’d suggest someone bring to camp and why?


For my sexy skin outfit, I’d chosen: a leather collar with BITCH in silver metal on the front, a gift from NYRCherryBondage; my black and red leather wrist cuffs, purchased during my London Grue adventure; my Faire boots, which I wore throughout the competition; and a piece of rope gifted to me from Gray during our Tied Down playdate, raw hemp that had served as a point of connection between us and a sexy crotch rope multiple times, this also being one of them.

As I stood next to Lee, with the minute to ponder my pop question, I thought back to my first camp.  Everything I felt as I drove down the lane towards my cabin.  The experience.  The memories.  I had my answers ready almost instantly.

First, I recommended bringing something that made you feel sexy.  It could be a hot dress, a suit, leather, a pair of awesome boots, or just your skin.  I spoke about how it was important that you feel sexy just as you are.  After all it was sex camp.  But, also, camp is about feeling sexy inside and being in a place to exude that sexiness to others.  If you don’t feel it, how would anyone else see it in you?

Second, I recommended bringing your bravery.  I spoke about how scared I was when I came to my first camp.  How, even though I was full of nerves, I made myself do it even though I knew no one.  I found a home amongst the swingers who ran my cabin; they comforted and encouraged me.  (“Swingers are the nicest people.”)  And now look at me, running for Dirty Pig.  Bring your bravery.

Last, I recommended bringing your glee, your happy.  Camp is about the joyous, this experience we all share of being accepted for who we are.  Reveling in the sex and play and fuck we all love.  Camp is about the fun, so bring your glee.

Instead of being nervous as I spoke, I was bubbly-happy me.  I smiled, bopped about, and had huge hand motions.  I looked out into the crowd, at the judges.  I saw smiles and head nods from most of the people at the table.  I knew I nailed it.

My question answered, I asked Lee if I might bribe the judges.  He agreed.

With my crotch rope so perfectly silhouetting my ass, I offered up my rump for spankings.  I hopped off the stage and rested my hands on the platform.  One judge jumped up on stage and pulled out their strap-on for me to suck.  Another judge came up and spanked me.  Gray pulled out the paddle he’d had me fetch earlier and used it on my ass.

The judges had so much fun that Lee had to shoo them back to their posts.  Mission accomplished.


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