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The Rules

The format was simple.  Four appearances on stage.

The first was our leather look.  This would be our introduction to the judges and the audience.  We would choose our contest number randomly from a bag and, in order, greet the audience and our judges.  Lee Harrington, our host for the evening, suggested we be in something that made us feel sexy.

The second was our sexy skin look, as well as pop question.  Again we would randomly draw out of the bag, this time a question we would have to answer on the spot.  First we were allowed to read it.  Then Lee would read it to the audience.  And then he’d ask us the question again, built in padding to give us a minute or two to think.

Question answered, we would again pull out of another bag, this time for a random song.  Along with the song, we would receive a bag of props.  All this was for the third portion of the competition: the fantasy.  We had to incorporate our props with our stage performance, set to the song we pulled.

Finally, we would all gather on stage one last time when the winner-up and Dirty Pig would be named.

Now, the other details.  We were allowed to bribe the judges however we wished, provided safer sex supplies be used on everyone, even partners.  Any sexual bribe given that did not include safer sex materials would immediately disqualify a competitor.

We could bribe the judges at any time except while another competitor was on stage; that would just be rude and go against the most important rule of the competition: HAVE FUN!

With all that in mind, Lee encouraged us to get ready.  He would be starting the festivities momentarily.

Everyone was just as nervous as I was.  Seeing this flipped a switch in me.  I fell into cheerleader mode.  I gave hugs and back rubs, words of encouragement and reminders that the next two hours were gonna be awesome.

As we lined up, those who were not photo-friendly were at the head of the line; only two.  Lee got on stage, microphone in hand, and took the spotlight.  He called us up, and the competition began.


My Dirty Pig Experience

Pep Talk

The Rules


Pop Question


And The Winner Is…


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