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Subtle Suggestions


G: How many subtle suggestions can you identify in this picture?

me: Maybe…15, being a creative writer and all.

G: List?


One, your eyes.  Staring at me.  The look you have when we’re in the middle of a scene.  The look you get right before you hit me, or lean in to pinch my nipples, or the care, or passion, in them right before you kiss me.

Two, your mouth.  Your lips.  Remembering your kisses.  Rough, sweet, passionate kisses.  Needing, wanting, desperate kisses.  The dirty words dripping from your mouth when we’ve scened, when we’ve fucked.  The delicious way you make me feel like your whore.

Three, your neck.  Nuzzling my face in it when we hug.  Wanting to kiss it, lick it, suck on it.  Smiling at the thought of your cock down my throat.  Choking on your cock.  Taking all of you in me.

Four, your ear.  The times when you’ve made me beg for my cum.  When I shouted out your name as I came.  My mumbling incoherencies as your fingers played inside me.  My screams from your pleasure and your pain.

Five, “SEX” written on your shirt.  But that one’s a bit literal and way too obvious.

Six, your chest.  Resting my head on it at night.  Hearing your breathing, your heartbeat.  Kissing your nipples on my way down to your crotch.

Seven, your shoulder.  The way you dip it as you rear back before your punches.

Eight, your bicep.  Your strength.  Your hits.  Your hands around my neck.  The swish and flick of your whip.  Tying me up.  Forcing me down.  Grabbing my hips.  Guiding my pussy onto your cock.

Nine, your glasses.  Me being a sapiosexual and all.  You have a very sexy brain.

Ten, your hair.  The thought of gripping it as you go down on me.  The one time I got to play with it as your head rested in my lap.

Eleven, your facial hair.  The way you use your beard as you eat me out.  Wanting to taste myself on you.


me: Okay, I haven’t gotten to the framed picture behind you yet; maybe more than 15.

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