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Senior year of high school I was cast as The Nurse at a local all boys high school’s production of Romeo and Juliet.  Towards the end of the run, there were a few cast parties.  I remember one in particular.

This party I wore a warm sweater over a low cut shirt.  I wore the sweater on the way to the party, and took it off once inside.  And then my sweater was stolen til I had to leave.

In the interim, one boy in particular started paying attention to me.  I found this a little odd, since it seemed like he barely noticed me throughout the run of the play.

We talked a bit, but then he began to tickle me.

I am very ticklish.  Immediately I started laughing my head off.  I wriggled, squirmed.  I smiled and cackled and greatly enjoyed this new found attention, all because I’d chosen this particular shirt.

As the night wore on, I drifted here and there in and out of conversations.  He followed me, attack tickles when I least expected them.

There were parents at the party, and I was a bit selfconcious, their eyes occasionally on the two of us.

Once, he came up behind me, danced his fingers over my skin, and I bent over laughing as I had before.  Then I saw one of the parents look at us in a way that screamed stop.  My hands went to the boy’s hands and gracely pulled them off my body.

When it was time to go, I remember all of a sudden feeling dejected.  I realize now it was because, for the first time, I was the center of attention for a boy and I didn’t want that to end.

As an adult, I can glean more from my giggly time than I realized in the moment.

The way I looked at the boy each time he ceased his torment, my breath heavy, my skin flushed.

How, even when he was semi-stalking me, I reveled in the attention.

Urges, desires deep down that I didn’t recognize or understand, but enjoyed.

It was flirtation, physical and intimate.  His chest against my back.  His hips against my ass.

And I was oblivious.

I don’t mention it much, but I actually love to be tickled.  Because I am so reactive, the laughing puts me instantly in a good mood.  And the experience also has the lovely side effect of my rapid arousal, I suspect from my memorable teenage experience.

When thinking about tickling in general, I know I have a skewed view.  There is the vanilla representation of it being playful, which I completely agree with, but I also finding it incredibly sexy.

Two or more people, bodies near or against each other.  One intentionally exploring possibly intimate places to garner a visceral reaction.

To quote a local community leader, That Hot.


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  1. Huh – I totally never thought of it that way! Great post, and really fun to read. Mostly I find tickling damned annoying (unless I’m the one who’s the aggressor, as I was when I was a little kid and tormenting my brother). Definitely not my cup of tea. But the way you write about it …

    xx Dee

  2. I loved hearing about how you had your first sort of intimate tickling experience. It was so young and innocent, and I love that kind of stuff. 🙂

  3. Sammi says:

    Playful and sexy is a great combination – sounds like quite a party experience!