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Your Jacket

You loaned it to me when I forgot my Zim hoodie.  I wore it at night at Rope Camp, zippering up against the chill and guarding myself against the occasional sprinkle.

I donned it when I dropped you off at the airport.  I half expected to give it to you off my back.  And then I thought maybe, when you flew away having not asked for it, you had actually left it for me on purpose.

It came with me to Seattle.  I fell in love with the city with it on my back.  Three plastic spoons lived in the left pocket from the three different frozen yogurt places I partook of on my trip.  Its cotton warmed me during my only night at Paradise.  I draped it across my legs on the long plane rides home.

It came with me back to Ramblewood again, this time for Summer Camp.  I was quiet, and thoughtful, and that was okay.  My glittens joined the spoons.

I wore it the first day I was at ease going back to school, and every other school day since, except today.  My stress ball lived in the right pocket.  I got used to reaching for it, and then tossing it about as I waited for class to start.

When I got your first text asking if I knew where it was, I was a little disappointed.  My having it was simply a laspe in memory.

When I received your more recent text, I was sadder still.  My time with it ended sooner than I anticipated.

I took out the spoons, the glittens, and the stress ball when I washed it for the first time since you loaned it to me.  The night before my Atlanta drive, it was an item on my to-do and pack lists.

I wore it one last time on the ride down.  For seven hours it graced my arms, and then my hips when the car warmed up from the rising Sun.

It was a good luck charm; I wore it for each of my quizzes and exams, until today.

It was a snuggly comforting little piece of you for a while.  When I lazed at home on the couch watching Netflix.  Or warmed myself against a brisk evening tucked tight under my covers.

And, when I got one of the worst phone calls of my life, I wiped away snot and tears on the sleeves.

For a while, it was my favorite hoodie.

So yes, I liked your jacket.

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  1. mamacrow says:


    ‘My having it was simply a lapse in memory.’

    oh I’ve felt that before 🙁