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Fuck You

~ a poem ~

I thought it was you out of the corner of my eye.
I thought you were walking up to me, a smile on your face, a whitty line ready to fall from your lips.
I thought I’d turn to you, bewildered, yet hiding my pleasure at your presense.
I thought I’d try to hold myself back from flirting, but knew I wouldn’t be able to resist.
I thought…

I miss you against me.
I miss the smell of you.
The way, when we fucked, we laughed and played.
Yet, at times you pushed me, made me take more than I thought I could.
God, I loved our fucking.
I miss you inside me.
I miss you inside me.

I miss you.
I hate that I miss you.
Fuck you.

Fuck your perfect cock and the way you always knew how to make me cum.
Fuck your smile and the way you’d flash it every time I came over.
Fuck your body, your hot hot body; your perfect arms and perfect abs and perfect ass.
Fuck your success, your smarts, your almost-at-my-level intelligence.
Fuck your suits and polished shoes and pops of color.
Fuck your eyes, the way they drew me in, yet hid so much of you from me.

I miss you.
I could’ve loved you.
But fuck that.
And fuck you.

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