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Bad Pain Bad —

For the past week I have suffered through the worst back pain I have ever experienced. It hurts when I stand up or sit down. It hurts when I bend for things. Occasionally it hurts if I sit a certain way or twist my hips. This shit sucks. I took for granted my mobility until […]

Drunk Blogging —

[FYI: I’m writing this while tipsy.  My apologies for any spelling or grammatical errors.  Yes, even when I’m tipsy, I worry about these things.] I was going to name this blog ‘Size Queen’ but since I’m tipsy, I wanted to keep up with the drunk blogging tradition.  I publish about one or two of these […]

The List —

I forget how we even got on the topic.  We were sitting around chatting after a rather fun day and the subject came up.  What was everyone’s number?  How many people had each of us had sex with? I honestly didn’t know mine.  For the past few years, I simply stopped counting.  Sitting there in […]

Beautiful —

I didn’t understand it, I didn’t truly see it, until I saw her. She was taller than me.  Her skin was darker than mine.  She was bigger than me, probably a few dress sizes larger.  But her body shape was the same as mine.  And she wore a dress like one I own. As she […]

A Perfect Spring day —

~ a story ~   He was gentle when he kissed her, pushing back her hair behind her ears and cradling her chin in his hands.  He was gentle in the way I remembered, the way I still think about before I fall asleep at night. It’s been six months since our last kiss, since […]

Hair, Down There? —

I hadn’t heard about No Shave November til there was random mention of it on my Twitter feed a few days into the month.  A few of the people I followed were participating for various reason. Since it was only (I think) the 3rd, I thought about what body hair meant to me.  Should I try […]