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A Perfect Spring day

~ a story ~


He was gentle when he kissed her, pushing back her hair behind her ears and cradling her chin in his hands.  He was gentle in the way I remembered, the way I still think about before I fall asleep at night.

It’s been six months since our last kiss, since the last time he pushed my hair back behind my ears, and cradled my chin in his hands, and I got lost in his lips.

I saw them across the quad on my way to class.  It was a beautiful Spring day, the first really good day we’d had in months.  I could have enjoyed it if I didn’t have a paper to turn in, an exam to study for, a project to work on, and a professor asking me to look into internships because I had such great potential.

My backpack was overfull.  My arms juggled coffee, and my lunch bag, and rolls of drafts I needed to work on.  My brain was overfull with everything I needed to do that day, and in the next week, and for the rest of the semester.

And then I saw him.  Saw them.

I stopped.  For a moment, it felt like I couldn’t breathe.

The Sun was shining, and the fucking birds were chirping, and everyone around me was smiling and making their way to class.

And I just stood there, as my Ex embraced a beautiful girl on a perfect Spring day.

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