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Hair, Down There?

I hadn’t heard about No Shave November til there was random mention of it on my Twitter feed a few days into the month.  A few of the people I followed were participating for various reason.

Since it was only (I think) the 3rd, I thought about what body hair meant to me.  Should I try the challenge?

I viewed shaving less in a feminine light and more in a basic grooming practice scope.  I don’t like the feel of my legs with hair, nor do I enjoy the scratchy tickle of my underarms with hair.  I shave those areas as much for myself as for the people I wish to see me naked.

But my pubic hair…

When I pondered my relationship with my pubic hair, much came to mind.

I recalled a passing line in Story Of O mentioning how Sir Stephen pulled O towards him by grabbing her nether locks.  O later silently lamented, worrying how Sir Stephen would react after she was required to shave her pubic hair.

In How To Be A Woman, Caitlin Moran describes how her pubic hair is a small bush that, when patted, has a bit of a bounce to it.

I once had a conversation with my Ex while we were in the middle of our relationship.  He didn’t want me to shave my crotch anymore, at least not every day as I had been.  He didn’t like the look if it so bare, but was perfectly fine with a little stubble.

For a time, shortly after college, I tried plucking my pubic hairs.  It hurt so badly, yet I often removed at least a third of the hairs before I fell back on shaving the rest.  I didn’t realize I was a pain slut at the time, but it is one of those instances I look back on and realize kink for me was less chosen and more just a part of my brain.

With those and other thoughts meandering in my mind, I tried it.  For the month of November, I did not shave my pubic hair.  This was a semi-significant change for me.  I attended two separate events where I knew I would play with people who knew my grooming habits, or at least had seen my cunt relatively enough to possibly notice the difference.

I made this decision with some trepidation.  How would the people sticking their fists and dicks into my pussy react?  Would they find it unappealing?  Not care?  Or, indeed, find it hot?  Would anyone mention it?  Could this one grooming choice spark a conversation on sexuality, or maybe open up a new way avenue for our sex?

Much to my surprise, my grooming choice was met with nothing.  Nothing changed about my scenes or the sex.  No mention by anyone was made of my choice.  I almost wonder if anyone noticed.  I was fisted and fucked, having a grand ole time, with no difference in our interactions.

What I did find, much to my surprise, was how much I liked not shaving my pussy.  During masturbation, I liked gripping the hairs and pulling my lips.  I liked the feel of playing with the hair, twisting the strands.  My pubic hair has gotten quite long, about a half inch at its most lengthy.

Having spent the month of November with a furry pussy, experienced getting fucked and fisted, as well as pleasing myself with my pubic hair, I’m left with a few thoughts to ponder.  But the one that’s stuck in my mind, the one that’s the reason for the this post, makes me cock my head to the side and give a small smirk.

Maybe I will keep my hair down there.

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  1. ONAonFLICKR says:

    My wife and I, both, are usually shaved bald throughout the year. This “Movember” was our second year of letting it grow for the month. We were relieved to rid ourselves of it December 1st. We had an impromptu ceremony grooming each other back to smooth skin. Sexy, erotic foreplay.

    I understand your feelings about your pubic hair now. Sort of like a new sex toy; an added dimension for play. I am interested in your decision.

    By the way, there is an extremely interesting Tumblr blog by BareToBush which chronicles her journey letting her pubic hair grow; currently at Day 81.

    — D&E

  2. Shelly says:

    I’ve taken to a buzz with an electric razor… When I feel like it.

    I shaved. I waxed. I even once did the cream thing.

    And the I realized I could do what worked for me. Waxing was fun (smooth felt really good) but required not doing anything on my own between appointments…

    And as I’ve changed, yea, very little comment from others.

  3. I like a bit of pubic hair. It’s such a personal decision, but I like the look of it a lot more. It actually bothers me to see it bare.

  4. mckitten says:

    I’ve gone bare once or twice in the last few years out of curiosity as I’ve always had pubic hair. I’ve gone back to just trimming at the sides and shaving underneath as I prefer how it looks with some hair there, plus it’s awesome for him to tug on. Just what I’m used to I suppose, some pubic hair is more the norm over here.