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No Expectations —

I didn’t go into the party expecting to play.  The invitation promised good food, tasty drinks, and friends.  That’s all I needed.  Still, I dressed cute and literally let my hair down, an act I don’t often do. People were slow to arrive, but the house eventually filled up with some of my favorite people.  […]

Biting —

Teeth are not sexy.  Yes, white straight teeth can make a person seem more appealing, maybe a bit more attractive, but teeth themselves are just a part, not a feature. However, when a fuck buddy snuck up from behind once and whispered into my ear as a greeting, “I gonna bite your cunt,” before they […]

Five Years —

For Christmas, while shopping for my friends, I bought myself a ‘Q & A a day’ five year journal.  The premise is simple: one question for each day in a year for five years.  The tagline reads, “365 Questions, 5 Years, 1,825 Answers.” I started writing in my new journal Christmas night.  Currently I fill […]

Grateful, Naughty Edition —

He noticed I wasn’t wearing any underwear.  That made me smile. A few nights later, he fucked my face while praising my intelligence.  Oh.  So.  Hot. ~ They didn’t care that I was on my period.  They taped down a chuck and went on with the show. For a moment, I was the center of […]

Grateful, Nice Edition —

I sat at the kitchen island, my latest Santa hat beginning to take shape.  As everyone began to form a circle, I put my project away, stood, and held hands with a brother on each side.  My older brother, in whose house we all stood, was on my right; he said the blessing. After his prayer, I took up […]