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“What are you looking at?”

“There are these bees…”

My Fusion was full of many moments, both large and small. My first moment happened with Roughinamorato while standing on the porch of Oink.

After fully nesting in my cabin, I could think of nothing more fun than to begin the process of delivering invitations to my gang bang. I slipped on a comfy, yet conforming, shirt and the key article of clothing for the afternoon, my TARDIS boxer shorts.

Before I left for camp, I had invitations already created and printed (on pink paper no less, being the dirty pig and all) ready to be passed out. I numbered the invitations not to create a particular order but so that I knew how many people I’d invited. The first inviation went to TruthInRope, who slept in the bed pushed next to mine. Another went to a cabinmate who was also an early arrival.

Armed with fun clothing and cheerful personality (I was at camp!), I wandered around campus looking for invitees. I saw them as I passed by, stopped to chat, handed them a cute piece of paper, and moved on with my fun.

Eventually, my walk took me to Oink. Three invitees, plus one of my concierges, was staying in the cabin.

When I approached, I saw a few people out on the porch, including Rough. He was dressed in only his boxers, given the heat of the day. Looking up at the roof of the porch, he seemed fascinated by the movement of rather large bees seeming to attempt to enter holes that were presumably their homes.

Odd conversation set aside, I offered him his invitation to my gang bang, and checked off his name on my list.

I can’t remember how we got into the conversation about hair, but somehow I ended up against the railing of the cabin, Rough gripping my mane, my head tilted up, his leg in between my limbs, and his sly grin on his face.

“You dirty girl.”

I’m known for the way I react when people pull my hair. The sounds I make. The look on my face as my eyes close and I sink into the moment. I really like it when people pull my hair.

Rough teased me, drifting his face close to mine but not ever touching.

When he released my hair, a thought came to me.

“Rough, could you choke me sometime this weekend?”

He got an almost whimsical look on his face. He removed my glasses. Moved to stand behind me. Wrapped him arm around my throat.

“Shall I lift up my arm?”

“If you want.” I did.

He squeezed. I felt the usual pressure, the tingle in my body. The lightness of my limbs.

I saw an anime: a blonde pretty-faced male superhero versus a dark green reptile-like villian. I rooted for the villian.

Rough stroked my hair. I sat on the floor on porch with my legs in a pretty position; I fall sweetly without even trying. My head was down turned. I leaned against Rough’s leg.

I remembered why I liked hanging out with Rough so much. No beating around the bush. No delay. You ask, you get, you move on.

He helped me to standing. I thanked him for the recharge. I was set to get back to my wandering.

But then Gray and Naiia returned. Another invitation was given (lucky number seven; no I did not plan it that way) with a smile before I departed.


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