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I stood in line with Gray, Naiia, and Amy, chatting about something to pass the time as the line slowly inched forward.

It was midnight snack, open to everyone on campus. Diva, a wonderful woman who served the wonderful food, was a friend. Most all Fusion attendees can attest to the joy and necessity of midnight snack, the calories you need to play long into the night.

When we finally filled our plates, our group of four found a place to sit and chat as others inched their way forward as well. During our conversations, the topic of my play date with Gray came up.

Truth be told, I half expected my date request to fall through. Gray was busy this Fusion. He was running a special event on Friday that required cajoling people into participating and then wrangling said people. He was a host for Cigars, Boots, and Chocolate on Sunday, one of the most popular special events at Fusion. He had to deal with Kink Academy work, shooting multiple educators that weekend. He even had to teach a few classes.

Also, adding to his hectic schedule, there were a number of his play partners at the event, many of which I knew he had not seen in a longer time than our last parting. I had gone out of my way to encourage said folks to “book him early” as I knew Gray’s weekend would only get worse as it progressed. The last thing I wanted was for anyone to be disappointed.

So when he mentioned our play date and wanting to set a day and time now, I was a bit shocked, though pleased all the same. We agreed on Saturday night at 9pm.

As we finished up our conversation, I looked to my right. Boymeat had appeared. He greeted us, sat down beside me, then turned away to chat with folks on the other end of the table. All of the nerves surged, but Boymeat never turned back around to chat.

As we continued to grub, my Big Bro Murphy Blue passed by. In jest, he commented that Gray was such a pimp, I believe referring to his having three women around him.

“Really? How many playdates have you had?” asked Gray.

“Hold on. I have an app for that.”

“Ah ha! See. Who’s the pimp?”

As we finished up our snack, I began strategizing for my Friday. I didn’t want to have the burden of my busted tire lasting longer than need be, so I planned to take care of it in the morning, searching for nearby shops and their opening times. After having found two relatively close by, I put those worries aside for the morning.

We all got up to leave. I was too awake to go to bed yet, so I headed towards the dungeon. On the way, I saw Darien. I let down my hair so that he could have a look at it. He hadn’t touched it since Winter Fire, when he’d clipped and flat ironed my mane. He approved of its growing length and softness.

When I made it to the dungeon, I was a bit disappointed. There were very few scenes going. The energy was low. I then remembered it was only Thursday and a majority of campus was still at midnight snack.

While strolling, I happened upon my friend ArrogantSlut. We made our way towards the Kraken/Indecent Enterprises tents for a smoke and a chat. I sipped red wine and listened as others entered the conversation.

Before I knew it, 3am had arrived. I excused myself and dragged my body to bed.


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