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DGG#22 Grue-pie Chat

In this latest podcast, I am joined for the first time by my mutual Grue-pies, IPCookieMonster and Evan.  We chatted in the car on the way home from the Carolina Grue this past weekend.

WARNING: Set your volume low to start.  We all were still high from our adventure and spoke quite loudly.

Time Jumps

0:00 Jumping right in

1:07 Cookie’s Rope Bottoming Class

5:47 The Fishbowl

10:18 What is Dominance? (aka Can Domming be a verb?)

15:57 Beyond 24/7?

21:24 Dinner break

23:08 Metal sex

28:27 I’m not romantic

31:15 What’s a Grue-pie?

33:05 Why Cookie’s a Grue-pie

39:44 Why Evan’s a Grue-pie

42:28 Why Cookie’s a Grue-pie (part II)

45:37 Why I’m a Grue-pie

47:40 Wrap up


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