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DGG#24 RambleGrue, Baltimore Grue, and more —

This is my second podcast with other people in it.  Five friends joined me after our Baltimore Grue to talk events, communities, rope, and more. Time Jumps 0:00 Intro and Introductions 1:00 Alternative Consent Models 5:00 Law of Two Feet 8:05 Poly Self Awareness 10:45 Antisocial Elitism 11:15 Great community or great people? 19:20 Australia […]

DGG# 23 Fusion 2015 —

A recounting of my Fusion adventure this year.  Enjoy… Time Jumps 0:00 Intro and disclaimer 0:55 Upcoming Events2:35 NerdGirl Update 4:30 Fusion recap begins 6:00 Gratefulness Journal 7:00 Wednesday 8:15 Bootblacking Everywhere 9:10 Whiskey Ginger Sprite 9:40 Thursday; NerdGirl Masochist 11:00 Seattle Folk 11:50 Extreme-itorium 12:40 Invest in an Umbrella 13:35 Friday; Sybian Ride 16:40 […]

Dear Donald Glover —

I know you’ll never read this, and that’s okay. Still, I needed to write you this letter. I posted a half-silly tweet earlier today after seeing your movie. I say half-silly because a part of me, and it is not small by any measure, sees something in you that draws me in. I see a […]

All Things End —

“I heard things with you and Gray went sideways.” “Yeah, they did.” “Well just know he takes full responsibility for it.” “That’s comforting to hear.” Gray and I have parted ways. He messed up, badly. He apologized, I believe sincerely. But what happened was too much for us to stay as were. Such is life […]