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DGG#24 RambleGrue, Baltimore Grue, and more —

buy real accutane online This is my second podcast with other people in it.  Five friends joined me after our Baltimore Grue to talk events, communities, rope, and more. Time Jumps 0:00 Intro and Introductions 1:00 Alternative Consent Models 5:00 Law of Two Feet 8:05 Poly Self Awareness 10:45 Antisocial Elitism 11:15 Great community or great people? 19:20 Australia […]

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DGG# 23 Fusion 2015 —

A recounting of my Fusion adventure this year.  Enjoy… Time Jumps 0:00 Intro and disclaimer 0:55 Upcoming Events2:35 NerdGirl Update 4:30 Fusion recap begins 6:00 Gratefulness Journal 7:00 Wednesday 8:15 Bootblacking Everywhere 9:10 Whiskey Ginger Sprite 9:40 Thursday; NerdGirl Masochist 11:00 Seattle Folk 11:50 Extreme-itorium 12:40 Invest in an Umbrella 13:35 Friday; Sybian Ride 16:40 […]

Dear Donald Glover —

I know you’ll never read this, and that’s okay. Still, I needed to write you this letter. I posted a half-silly tweet earlier today after seeing your movie. I say half-silly because a part of me, and it is not small by any measure, sees something in you that draws me in. I see a […]

All Things End —

“I heard things with you and Gray went sideways.” “Yeah, they did.” “Well just know he takes full responsibility for it.” “That’s comforting to hear.” Gray and I have parted ways. He messed up, badly. He apologized, I believe sincerely. But what happened was too much for us to stay as were. Such is life […]