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DGG#24 RambleGrue, Baltimore Grue, and more

This is my second podcast with other people in it.  Five friends joined me after our Baltimore Grue to talk events, communities, rope, and more.

Time Jumps

0:00 Intro and Introductions
1:00 Alternative Consent Models
5:00 Law of Two Feet
8:05 Poly Self Awareness
10:45 Antisocial Elitism
11:15 Great community or great people?
19:20 Australia Grue20:40 RambleGrue
27:40 Did you play?
31:25 In praise of Charm City Play Space
35:00 Boobs and Ass and Kinky Douchebags
38:30 Other upcoming fun things
40:10 My friend Feenix
41:10 Exhaustion
42:10 Rope classes, the amazing and the awful
54:00 Bacon and wrap up


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