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Behind the Wheel – 01 —

I have never wanted to break the rules so much as I did tonight. Two times. Two times I met a guy that I wanted to ask for my number, and I would have happily given it. Shit, if either of them had inquired, I would have been DTF right then and there. The first […]

Questions —

Have you ever scratched your cunt, or your asshole, so hard it bled, but you fucking loved every dirty hot moment of it? Will I ever feel, or believe, I am as smart as everyone else in my life seems to think? Will I ever stop feeling like an imposter? Do they hear the sadness […]

Life And Death —

Today I went to a funeral. It was for my Aunt, my father’s oldest sister, who I didn’t get to know until late in her life. Being the product of an affair, and now integrating myself into an entire half of my family I did not grow up with, made today awkward. Or, more to […]

2016 Motivation —

Be brave. Be kind. Be confident. It’s another year for all of us to try and do better for ourselves and those around us. Randomly reflecting a few weeks ago, I thought back to when I used three words to help steer my year. And that year was a good one. So, again, I’m giving […]