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2016 Motivation

Be brave. Be kind. Be confident.

It’s another year for all of us to try and do better for ourselves and those around us.

Randomly reflecting a few weeks ago, I thought back to when I used three words to help steer my year. And that year was a good one. So, again, I’m giving myself a little direction, this time to help with my 2016.

I’m pretty much scared shitless when it comes to most things in my life: school, work, kink, and love. But I make myself do all the things that scare me because I know fear is transient, memories are far more valuable then I ever anticipate, and allowing myself the terror makes the triumph that much sweeter.

As I struggle, giving myself breath and calm makes it easier. Learning that vulnerability is not a defect is something I am constantly exploring with Doc. Talking with him is helping, slowly and steadily.

I am smart. I can do this. And, if I tell myself enough times, I will believe it. Despite the negativity and stereotypes and general shittiness that is the life of a black woman in America, I can and will be the best bitch I can fucking muster.

Okay 2016, here I go.

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